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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Entitlements for none

I agree with the person who wrote in about not extending unemployment benefits anymore. He obviously is a Republican? It's funny how all the Republicans vote for politicians that want to end most government entitlements. I bet, though, that almost all Republicans want to keep the entitlement that helps pay for their flood insurance! Ain't that funny?

Dennis Talbot

Spring Hill

Hacking can be stopped

The internet hacking of Target has brought to life an issue which has been covered up, which the credit industry has refused to fix.

European credit card companies have solved the hacking of credit cards long ago, which the U.S. companies have failed to follow.

The solution of credit card fraud was very simple, with the encryption of the credit card, which scrambles all of the information on the card, so to make no sense to the hacker.

So this is why all the hackers of the world have hacked the U.S.

The credit card companies in the U.S. refuse to adopt this new technology because of the cost it will incur to them.

The industry could care less for any loss incurred and for the aggravation and the problems incurred to the consumer by the hackers.

The only way to protect the U.S. public from hackers of credit cards is to require credit card companies to install the new technology in their credit cards, by law.

Therefore, we must look to you to solve this problem, which industry has refused to do.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee, FL

More education funding not for the children

I rather enjoyed reading Dr. Carswell's column entitled "Being cheap on education can cost so much." The problem is we spend $8,887 per student, while we pay teachers and administrators $40,000 plus, and as the professor so astutely pointed out, some have attained astronomical earnings that reach as high as $275,000 in the public education sector. Or as I like to define them as unionized government workers.

I know that many of you will be quick to point out that from the $8,887 spent per student comes the funds that pay the teachers and administrators. A most self serving argument that I always expect to come from a government union worker, and I'm only too happy to agree; It doesn't often matter how much is spent as it does how the money is being allocated. Often times, far too much is spent on staff, while too little is spent on educational material.

And it isn't even so much the annual salaries that's breaking the bank. It's the associated legacy costs that's killing the taxpayers. When the vast majority in the private sector (nonunion workers) are expected to toil for far less, often below $20,000 a year. Yet they are expected to pay not only their bills, retirement, and health care costs, but those of government workers as well.

That's where most, if not all, of the increased spending will ultimately go; Not for the children! Unionized government workers squawk at the thought of contributing even a measly 3 percent toward their own pension.

We now have Obamacare, or if you prefer, Romneycare, as imported from Taxachusetts; it's only one of the mechanisms that government hopes will bail the big cities, like Detroit, out. And it's not even expected to work, as it's sole purpose is merely to prolong the status quo; by kicking the can a little further down the road. Leaving it up to today's children to try and figure out, and we aren't even giving them the tools to do it. Some legacy you wish to leave our children, professor!

Lorne DeWitt


Iran and President Obama.

Anyone who commits or sponsors terrorist acts don't deserve to be treated like any other civilized person or state. They are cowards who murder innocent people, who are not worthy of negotiations or concessions, they only deserve justice for their crimes.

President Obama is dealing with government leaders of a terrorist state like they were civilized and peaceful people. Since the revolution in 1979, Iran has been dedicated to Israel's utter destruction.

In March 2006, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, "Iran has been the country that has been in many ways a kind of central banker for terrorism in important regions like Lebanon through Hezbollah in the Middle East, in the Palestinian Territories, and we have deep concerns about what Iran is doing in the south of Iraq."

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called Israel a "rabid dog" government, "doomed to failure and annihilation," and run by sub-human leaders. "They are like animals, some of them. He also assailed the "arrogance" of the U.S. and added that, in the nuclear talks, Iran "will not step back one iota from our rights."

President Obama's foreign policy of appeasement is empowering Iran to get their way. Iran can not be trusted and Israel is having a problem trusting President Obama. President Obama is not helping Israel when he is secretly negotiating and aiding Iran just to get them to talk.

President Obama wants to ban nuclear weapons in the Middle East and that may include Israel giving up their nuclear weapons. The negotiations with Iran will probably end up where Iran will agree to give up their nuclear weapons development in exchange for Israel giving up their existing nuclear weapons. The annihilation of Israel would be imminent if Israel gave up their nuclear weapons.

Iran is a terrorist state that is already at war against Israel. Iran finances and trains Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, equipping them with arms to use against Israel. That should be sufficient not to deal with Iran since Iran is dedicated to Israel's utter destruction.

"Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to society." - Thomas Jefferson Vinny Martinez


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