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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Isn't Anything Built To Last Anymore

When you purchase almost any household items these days you get a one-year warranty, and in a very short time after the warranty expires, something happens. The last two vacuums I purchased had the handle break in two. When you contact the manufacturer, the first thing they ask is, "When did you purchase it?" - like they know ahead of time the warranty expired. Then you are told you must have dropped the unit. Well, yeah, things like that happen. I didn't think I needed to handle it like it was made of glass. It's plastic. Another case in point: An outdoor thermometer stopped working a few months after the warranty expired. Tough! The one thing all these items have in common is they were made in China or some country other than America. If everyone who has these experiences took the time to find the name and address of the corporate CEO and sat down and wrote them a letter, maybe we might see some improvement in the quality of this junk. And don't forget the power of the internet. Spread the word when a product does not stand the test of time.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Keep focused on the real scandal

As many people who are regular readers of the Hernando Today will know, I've written several letters about the hypocrisy of the Democrats. But, I have to submit this letter now to say that I may have been wrong. Let's forget about all the scandals under the Obama administration that have taken place recently. Don't give a second thought to the "Fast and Furious" scandal where an American border patrol agent was killed. Forget about the heroic stand by two Navy Seals who gave their lives defending other Americans in Benghazi. After all, "What difference does it make," stated our (former) secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. And, of course, the IRS, NSA, and Obamacare messes were just mere "bumps in the road."

Let's get to the real scandal - the closing of a few traffic lanes in New Jersey! Now, here's a real scandal we can sink our teeth into! Forget the fact that Republican Gov. (Chris) Christie, even though it wasn't his doing, took responsibility for it because it happened under his watch, and fired the person responsible. Let's make sure we ruin his political career. We can't have motorists stuck in traffic, now can we?

I wonder if this witch hunt by the Democrats, and the biased liberal media is because they are absolutely terrified of Gov. Christie running for president in the future? Their hypocrisy never ceases to amaze! One final note, in case my Democratic friends didn't realize it: I'm being sarcastic.

Russ Colombo

Spring Hill

Two American cultures

Of the millions of credit card users who had their private information compromised recently through retail purchases there are millions more whose information may never reach the technical fields of play, those among the more than 40 million to 60 million poor in our midst who are refused credit and live in a culture honoring simple, basic lifestyles.

Hard work does always grant privilege to credit. Having no credit is detrimental to credit scores so credit is always refused even for honest, striving individuals doing their best to qualify their lives. For those striving for simple subsistence in wages or earnings below market value, the penalty of privilege into our social norms is a consequence most did not invite upon themselves.

Computer information and cell-phone information won't get into the mega databases of national security surveillance to note some two American dreams, one in honest hard work, faith in prayer before meager meals and love of children held close to a mother's heart and a father's pride; the other wishing for all the world's richest opportunities afforded in the same land of freedom for both, a tale of two cultures in a free society with the love and promise our values hold dear and our military defends.

Deron Mikal


What has happened to manners, respect

In light of the recent movie theater shooting in Wesley Chapel, I would like to remind people that the theater shows a respectful advertisement before every movie that states, "Please turn off all cell phones and be respectful to other moviegoers."

I, too, have witnessed this rude behavior at the theater and it is very annoying to listen to someone else talk with their boyfriend or girlfriend while I am spending my hard earned money to watch a movie.

I don't pay money to listen to everyone else's conversation. And I don't want to hear everyone's conversation. I want to watch the movie.

I have a cell phone but I leave it in the car for the two hours while I am watching a movie. Put your phone on vibrate and you won't have people getting in your face.

What did we do before cell phones? You could enjoy your movie and not have to listen to whether little Johnny did his homework or not.

Have we finally come to the point where we have to outlaw cell phones in movie theaters? Because there will always be those individuals who want to tread on others' rights.

As a child, my mother taught me to be respectful to other people. She taught me to say "thank you" and "please," and I still use these words today. However, we have all seen rude people. Some people completely ignore the kind words. People hold up lines while talking meaninglessly to someone on their cell phone and they don't care if people are waiting or not. People wreck their cars because they cannot concentrate and drive at the same time. Have we as a society gone overboard with our cell phones? Maybe. People tailgate on the road because they are in a hurry and they become very aggressive. This is the society we live in. We need to be able to defend ourselves also. If someone throws something and hits you - that is assault. It should be a Constitutional right to defend one's self in a free country. Harry C. Craft III

Wesley Chapel

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