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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Move gun show to bigger building

On Jan. 25 I attended or at least tried to attend the gun show at the Hernando County fairgrounds. What a joke.

I knew it would be crowded by the amount of cars in the parking lot, but never did I expect to be elbowed in the ribs. I paid the $6 to enter then looked to see where I could go to see and maybe purchase a gun. I am a 5-foot woman and got to the first table and then I was shoved and elbowed in the ribs so some of the men could push their way thru the massive crowd. I was so disgusted with the pushing that I left, and what a chore that was.

If there was a fire in that building at that function I believe there would be massive deaths or injuries. The building is too small to handle such a crowd. The gun show should be held in a building that would be large enough that everyone could visit every table without being pushed, stepped on or elbowed. The fairgrounds is not the correct building or place.

I am a gun owner and just because I am a woman does not give anyone the right to push me or anyone else. I suggest moving the gun show next year. This was my first visit to this function and my last, unless they move to a larger facility.

Elina Davis

Spring Hill

Cat problem at High Point is out of control

For over three years some residents of the High Point community near Weeki Wachee have had to endure an infestation of cats and the unrelenting, unbearable odor of cat feces and urine emitted from a residence that harbors up to 60 or more cats at a time. During that three-year time frame over 20 cats were trapped and many others taken to shelters by the homeowners association and neighbors. Two pets are allowed per household in High Point and the offending homeowner was allowed to keep two cats with the understanding that "No more cats to be collected."

Two years later the number again has grown to 25 to 40 cats in the house and many more living under the house, being lured to the property with food placed outside as an attractant. The odor of urine and feces is unbearable. Imagine the inside! The odors are so extreme on still warm days that some neighbors have evacuated their homes.

The management and three different board of directors have been plagued with this situation and have received little if any help from local government agencies.

Speaking on behalf of the current board of directors, I've had first-hand involvement in seeking a solution. We set traps on neighboring properties only to have the cats released by the offender before we could recover them. We have no legal right to enter the offender's property to remove these cats (some appear very aggressive). The homeowner has refused to cooperate at every level.

HOAs have very little enforcement power and most of that consists of writing letters noting the infractions and requesting the resolution of the offense. Another tool is the imposition of daily fines. If fines are ignored only liens and legal action remains and as we all know that is a costly and time-consuming process.

Our county government needs to step up and take swift action against these pet hoarders for the health and safety of all of High Point and Hernando County residents.

Jim Woolcock

High Point

Don't be taken by utilities department

Under no circumstances do you want to go up North and expect your Hernando County Utilities bill to be forwarded to you like all your other bills. Let me tell you why, because in the infatuate wisdom of some mental midget in the hierarchy, there is a printed section at the top of their envelope that states "Temp-Return Service Requested." Therefore, for you who are not aware, the Postal Service will not forward the bill and it is returned to the sender. After two months Hernando utilities sends an employee out to your residence and turns off the water and leaves a door hanger notice that the water has been turned off due to non-payment and if payment is not made at their office by 2 p.m. that day there will be a $30 charge to send an employee back out to the residence to turn the water on. My car was in the driveway, having been away on business for two months, but the employee did not ring the doorbell and request payment before he had to do his deed. By the way, I was told by either the customer service representative or her supervisor that they don't do that because there might be a dog in the house.

The customer service representative was very nice and admitted that I had never been late in paying and that they did have my current cell phone number, but for whatever reason I was not called. I talked to her supervisor who was nice and agreed to reduce the turn-on fee to $15 - even though the utilities department had caused the problem. I can't pay a bill if I don't receive it and the utilities department made no effort to call me.

Dan Hutcheson

Weeki Wachee

A lesson to be learned

Here's a slant that I'm sure many liberals will take affront to. Before I make my comment I'd like to lay out a couple of basic well-known facts of societal facts. We now live in a much different society than when I was growing up. I was taught to respect the rights and privacy of others. I was taught to tell the truth even if it hurts. Because sometime down the road you'll wish you had. Today, every virtue we older folks were taught is looked upon as being outdated and negative - even career destroying. What used to be looked upon as virtuous now is more than just frowned upon. Welcome to the "me" society. What happened that day in the movie theater would not have happened if the victims had respect for those sitting around them. The man who was shot and killed saw an old man he could bully and tried to do so. I'd like to mention now that prior to the running of any movie, there's a statement that comes up several times on the screen. It tells everyone to please turn off their cell phones. But let's not talk about that. Who cares about the people sitting around you, especially an old man? The guy that's now deceased created the situation and never once thought that the old man would be a problem. Guess what? If anything good comes from this, and it probably will not, maybe the next time one of the endless numbers of rude people in today's society decides to bully someone, just maybe they decide to be courteous instead.

David Robinson

Weeki Wachee

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