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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Letters to the editor

Published:   |   Updated: February 27, 2014 at 04:18 PM

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Loss of morals hurting military

Colonel Myers (2/24/14) has clearly identified a problem in our senior military leadership. The origins of these ethics and morals lapses can be traced to the elimination of the single sanction rule. For those not familiar with this rule it is a simple honor code summed up usually as: A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, or condone those who do. The penalty for violation was dismissal. Now there are lesser punishments meted out which sends a message that ethics and morals violations are OK if you don't get caught. These cadets from our service academies have become the officers and leaders of our present military and it would seem that this de-emphasis on morals and ethics is being felt down the ranks.

Harry Chamberlain

Spring Hill

Accidents waiting to happen

I read articles in the paper how our commissioners are concerned about our safety and that is one of the reasons for the red light cameras. We have an area that is a bigger safety hazard here at U.S. 41 and Powell road where there is no left turn signal on Powell from either direction. Powell road has a lot of traffic and I see close calls in this area almost every day. I am not sure who our county commissioner is for this area or I would contact him and have him check it out for himself. I think if he or his family had to use this road it would be changed to having a turn arrow ASAP.

The other question I would like to ask him is why there are no crossing gates where the railroad tracks cross Powell, we have hundreds of cars and trucks using this road everyday and both places are an accident just waiting to happen.

Walter Searle


When government becomes destructive

Is President Obama testing the will of the American people?

Little by little we see President Obama and his administration taking away our freedoms. The Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare" has been the premier assault on our personal freedoms. He is attacking our constitutional rights, acting more like a king instead of being an elected president.

Obama's recent quote: "I have a pen and a phone to make my own laws" was not just a passing statement. He meant every word and he will do what he says. He is abusing his power and the people will need to deal with it, sooner rather than later.

King Obama has an administration of like-minded people who are transforming our nation into a socialist Third World country. America is bankrupt and soon China will run all our banks and make us learn Chinese. The "dollar" will no longer be the standard in the world.

Not only is America being taken over by foreigners, the government is taking steps to monitor the American people. In its most radical move in decades, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking to insert its officers into newsrooms around the country.

Couple that with what the Department of Justice is doing in tracking the movements of reporters and bugging their phone lines. Is the government on a quest to destroy our "Bill of Rights?"

Vinny Martinez


Wake up America

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, a puppet of President Obama, is making plans to restore voting rights for over 2.2 million blacks, who have been convicted of serious crimes and are criminal felons.

Most states have laws which state that you can lose your voting rights once you are a convicted felon as part of the punishment for the crime committed.

This push for more black votes by Obama is in addition to federal suits filed against various states, stating that the states cannot require proof of citizenship in order to vote, which Obama claims has kept blacks from voting.

This is all about seeking more votes illegally for the Democratic Party from the black and the Hispanic community who are not entitled to vote.

When will the public see through these schemes by Obama, which are not for the protection of the voters from fraud or for the benefit of the public, but are for the benefit of our bad politicians?

Obama could care less that these proposals will open the door to massive voting fraud.

According to Holder, one in every 13 blacks are convicted felons, which tells you that the problem is not about voting, but should be about reforming crime in the black community, but Obama has done nothing to turn crime around in the black community and he just ignores it.

If voting is so important in the black community then do not do the crime.

A onetime only request to present proof of citizenship is not inconvenient, but should be a public duty, thus everyone will benefit by the truth. Wake up America.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee, FL

Country at a crossroads

We have reached a dire nexus in our nation. The point where we must decide just what kind of nation we want to be. Are we going to be a country of mindless drones blindly doing the bidding of a government which forces it's will on us whenever it wants or a nation of free men impelling our will on it?

I say this after our Fuehrer decided to let the FCC intrude itself into all news media to interrogate them as to the style and content of their reporting, which I must point out is in strict violation of the First Amendment of our Constitution. This is just his latest disregard of the Constitution. This man has no boundaries when it comes to his personal lust for absolute power and it must be severely curtailed if not stopped dead in its tracks.

This man has consistently embarrassed us on the world stage as well as demeaning every citizen here at home with his executive orders that change laws enacted by the congress and signed by him as well as using the NSA to surveil us, the IRS to intimidate patriotic organizations who merely want to be heard but are in direct opposition to his agenda and the Department of Justice to enforce and prosecute only those laws they want to.

My main question being: Why aren't these aforementioned transgressions sufficient to bring impeachment proceeding against him and remove him and all his acolytes from office?

Again I say we are at a nexus and come this November we must decide. I have faith in us, you can only push us so far then we rebel. Put those in the House and Senate who will rein him in and keep his power hunger in check and do what is good for the country not cater to his every whim.

George Stansbury


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