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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Let the oil from Canada flow

It is about time that congress took over control of the Keystone Project, which is importing oil from Canada.

Obama will never approve this project because killing it is a payoff for the votes from the environmentalists in the last election. Obama is all about buying votes and paying off on projects which are not in the best interests of the country.

The best interests of our country is creating jobs and additional supply of oil, which means we will be no longer dependent upon Venezuela and the Arab countries for oil, and the price of oil could go down.

The vast majority of the public support oil from Canada and jobs and don't believe in the excuses Obama is putting out to kill the deal.

Let Sen. Bill Nelson, who supports Obama on this, know that you support oil from Canada.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Foot in mouth

It appears Harry Reid caught Joe Biden's "Foot in Mouth" disease with his recent accusation that all those people complaining about Obamacare are lying. I guess Joe Biden's disease is catching.

Seems to be a lot of that going around in Washington. Harry's staff should be prepared for an avalanche of letters and emails from across the nation from people who have been accused of lying about their experiences dealing with Obamacare. You can contact Harry on the Internet at and send him a "get well" message for his apparent affliction. In the meantime Harry should avoid contact with Joe Biden. Joe's disease seems to have spread like wildfire in the Senate. Even those Democrats coming up for election are wearing masks.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Keep tax dollars at home

I do not know what this country is coming to when we have to support other countries' wars and conflicts. We have approximately 180 countries in this world and we are giving money to 150 of them each year.

If you want to pay down the debt that this country owes, solution: Stop giving the American Tax Dollars to the 150 countries we support. I do not care if its a dollar, give it to an American that needs the help.

The government says they do not have the money when it comes to the veterans that are returning from a stupid conflict or conflicts over the years. They have no money for the unemployed, the homeless, the poor, yet it always finds money to send to these other (mostly Third World) countries that could care less about us Americans.

What is wrong with you 535 elected officials in Washington? Have you all lost your minds? It's not just a Democrat or Republican issue, it's all of them. They need to take care of the American that put them in office.

Washington, all 535 of you, do you think that those 150 countries really care? Shut them down. Do not give them anymore of our tax money and just see what they will do. Nothing but whine. Do you 535 cronies get the message yet? If not, November is approaching and the American people will have their say again. I hope the people in Hernando County, Republicans, Democrats and all other parties vote to remove people that do not help the Americans and are supporting their vote to give all these other countries our hard earned tax dollars.


Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

Bring auto makers to Hernando

Every week in the paper there are numerous new car adds showing the latest new cars competing for our dollars, asking us to come, look, drive and buy their products.

They all try and lure us to their showrooms and lots with a great deal on their products, good financing and friendly service.

This is all well and good except for one thing, if you're looking to buy a Honda or a Toyota or any other brand of automobile made that is not owned by the Big Three (Ford, Chrysler, GM), you have to leave Hernando County to find a dealership. I guess Hernando County residents just don't count.

If we're willing to drive 20 miles or more on U.S. 19 to get your car serviced because it has a foreign name we will never get a dealership in Hernando County. Its not that people haven't tried to open up a dealership. Its the objections from all those same name brands in adjoining counties stopping those trying to open up a shop. What it comes down to is " Screw Hernando County." Let their residents drive out of county. These restrictions are stupid and not consumer friendly. They keep money, jobs and convenience out of Hernando County . Our money and taxes needs to be spent here, not in adjoining counties.

James Woods


Thank you

Re: Weeki Wachee students animate history in faux wax museum

This is a sincere thank you to Hernando Today for the wonderful coverage of my class presentation of the Star Wax Museum. An enormous thank you goes out to Mr. Matthew Reinig. He surely captured the genuine essence of my project in his article and photographs. He is also a true professional. He is caring and showed such patience towards my little stars. He included every child's name in his article. He touched every star, and made them feel even more special.

Exciting things are happening at Winding Waters K-8. Thanks for letting me and my stars share just a bit of it with you. Thank you for presenting it to the community in such a magnificent way!

Sincerely, Josephine Maher

Weeki Wachee

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