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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letters to the editor

Published:   |   Updated: April 13, 2014 at 06:33 PM

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Stop littering on roadsides

My husband and I have traveled in 5 other countries outside the United States and our country has more trash along our streets and highways than any other. One solution that might be considered is to make it mandatory that the finger prints of everyone be taken either at birth or when they start school, and or when home schooled.

How many people would toss trash around if they thought they'd be discovered via finger prints and would have to pay a fine. DNA and finger printing has solved many crimes.

Granted, prisoners are seen picking up debris occasionally but it isn't done often enough and obviously doesn't take care of the problem. There is no deterrent to stop children or adults from littering when and where ever they feel like it. Undoubtedly law enforcement agrees with me that sooner or later something will have to be done.

Sylvia Stark

Brooksville, Florida

Immigration education bill penalizes citizens

A new RINO (Republicans in Name Only) is right here in Hernando County, and his name is Robert Schenck who serves as our Representative in the Florida House of Representatives. Rep. Schenck is term-limited, so he won't have to suffer the wrath of the conservative voters for voting for HB 851, which gives in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

HB 851 will harm every Florida student who is a U. S. citizen or legal resident by allowing illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition at approximately $6,000 per year instead of out-of-state tuition at approximately $20,000 per year. This bill will cost our colleges and universities a tremendous amount of lost revenue. At the same time, the Senate bill SB1400 provides for a cap of 6 percent on tuition costs. I would suggest Economics 101 for every member of the House who voted for this bill.

Ironically, the state of Florida will charge a U. S. citizen who moves to Florida the out-of-state tuition rate for the first year they live in our state. If Governor Scott signs this bill, all out-of-state tuition should be determined as discrimination as it provides a student who has no right to be in our country with in-state tuition. Why should U. S. citizens be penalized?

I hope the Florida voters are paying close attention to this bill and who is voting for this recipe for disaster. Many legal immigrants have expressed opposition to this bill as they also feel it is unfair to give "freebies" to people who have broken our laws by sneaking across our borders.

Even if their parents brought them here, what is keeping these students from applying to become U.S. citizens?

If you have children or grandchildren who will soon be attending college, please call members of the Florida Senate and tell them to vote "NO" if this bill reaches the Senate floor. Our Florida senator is Wilton Simpson, and he can be reached at (850) 487-5018 or (727) 816-1120.

Betty Dobson


My side of the story

I was accused on March 24 of battery and disorderly conduct.

I did not go after a man with a knife in a store . I was waiting in line at the service desk to return Popsicles and two cans of ravioli. The employee did not want to do the return. He pointed at the cashier and said she would do it. I was talking to someone else. I got in line in the mobility chair and a man got into an argument with me. He started swearing loudly and made threats that he was going to slam me on the ground. The manager came and told me to leave. They are charging me with battery for throwing the Popsicles and a liter of Diet Pepsi. The sheriff's office report doesn't say a deputy threatened to shoot me if I moved and made me sit on the parking lot instead of putting me a patrol car first. I told him I had a herniated disc and blurry vision and they said they did not care. I had a kitchen knife in my hooded sweater pocket because I cut an apple with it earlier.

Ines Ortiz

Spring Hill

Media focusing on the wrong issues

Why is it that the media has spent incalculable hours wondering what happened to flight MH370 bound from Malaysia to China when everyone with a grain of sense can tell them it crashed in an area of the Indian Ocean and there will be a near impossible task retrieving the black box.

So what's your point, you ask.

My point is it has been nearly two years since the attack on our consulate in Benghazi and still no answers. The same amount of time since the IRS was discovered to have illegally targeted conservative groups who disagree with the dem-marxists agenda by keeping those groups from acquiring a rightful tax exempt status and the NSA scandal brought to light by Edward Snowdon who some feel he's a traitor, some not. That is neither here nor there when put into the context of the media delving into the minutiae of the flight MH370 crash when, if they were truly doing their jobs by investigating the aforementioned scandals, we just might have some reliable answers by now.

The press brought down a president, who was not nearly the scofflaw as the one we have now, yet the liberal boot licking media quakes at the idea of offending der feurer Obama.

You see, to attack the first black president, they feel, would be overtly racist or they feel this monarch-want-to-be deserves a place in history. Well his place is assured, as far as I am concerned, most bumbling, most repugnant person ever to occupy the Oval Office. We may have the appearance of a free press but when considering that nearly all are run by dull-witted liberals who do not even see the damage that they are doing. The media is controlled by like-minded marxist wanna-bes who can't even see the very freedom that gives them license to print their tripe will be erased by the very ones they support, if they have their way.

So now is the time for every good American to come to the aid of his country by voting out these reprehensible socialist-democrats and return the seat of government to the rightful owners "we the people."

George Stansbury


Wake up, America

So Obama lies again! What's new? Obama claims 7 million sign ups to Obamacare prove something. Well it does prove one thing; 48 million people are still without health care. And of the 7 million sign ups it is estimated that 5 million are people who lost their insurance because of Obamacare, they really had no choice.

The democrats really believe you, the electorate, are complete idiots. That you will swallow anything this mope puts out. Listen Mr. and Mrs. Democrat, we are not idiots and we will prove how wrong you are come this November. And by the way, this includes all the RINOs.

And our memories will last well into 2016. Americans, even those at the bottom of the economic scale, realize that freedom from burdensome government is always a blessing. That America was founded on rugged individualism and not nanny state suffocation. That we don't want or need the liberal elitist, who think they know what's best for you, sticking their nose into our business and of all the gall sticking their nose into our bedrooms.

Come this election, the folks will choose freedom over dictatorship. We will choose America and its idea that free men can govern their lives just fine by themselves, thank you. That living within ones means, that means you Mr. Washington D.C., is the only sane way to conduct affairs of home and of state. That promises made are promises kept not to be whimsically changed at the drop of a hat.

The most common wrong committed by politicians is the creation of a government institution that will steal from us and deliver the pillaged assets to someone else. This administration has done just that and more. Your duty as an American citizen is to stop them. Our rights and our Constitution have been trampled under the Obama administration, and their crony's, feet for far too long. Wake up America or forever loose that precious right which your forefathers fought and died for.

Allan Walker

Weeki Wachee

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