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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Sounds like a Hernando County cover-up

If a plain old John or Jane Doe citizen was picked up driving 85 mph in a 55 mph zone by the Florida highway patrol, we would not only go to jail but be sighted for speeding and reckless driving. Now, if we told this patrolmen that we had five alcoholic drinks earlier in the day and he gave us a field sobriety test and we failed it, we would be arrested and taken to jail for DWI, end of story until we appeared before a judge.

Now, a few friends of ours witnessed what happened and said they didn’t think we looked impaired to them so I guess we would get off because of conflicting statements between our friends and the Florida highway patrolmen. Yea right. But if we were a law enforcement officer and refused to provide a breath sample ... In our case, I think they would conclude that was an admission of guilt.

Or would you have me believe they would just let us go happily on our way. Going 85 in a 55, can’t pass a Florida Highway Patrol field sobriety test, refuse to provide a breath sample after admitting having five alcoholic drinks. I don’t know, sounds a little fishy to me. But then again, I’m just an ordinary citizen.

Walter Searle


Re: Guns or roses by Craig Bolton, Brooksville

After reading this letter one word comes to mind, Gibberish! This is the United states of America and the last time I checked, we have the right to keep and bear arms. We the people have a right to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property. Have some thug break into your home in the middle of the night with a gun to rob or even kill you and your family and see how far you get with a wheel kick. No sir, you had better be armed. Law enforcement does a great job protecting the public but they can’t always be there.

Alfred Foster


Unfortunately, we have another RINO (Republican in Name Only) representing Hernando County and his name is Senator Wilton Simpson. He was elected in 2012 and will be up for re-election in 2016.

We have to make sure voters do not forget that Senator Simpson voted for the Senate bill which allows illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition at our colleges. When the law is fully implemented, it will cost $49 million dollars.

When I called Senator Simpson’s office, I was told by his staffers that he did not support this bill, so I guess we have another Marco Rubio. Staffers tell you one thing and the politician votes just the opposite.

I have to give credit to the brave 13 Senators who voted against this bill. They were under great pressure from Governor Rick Scott, Jeb Bush, and Bob Martinez to vote for this bill; but they stood tall and voted “no.”

Governor Scott is up for re-election and does not deserve your vote as he is putting illegal aliens ahead of U. S. citizens and legal residents to try to get votes. Our children and grandchildren will have to compete for classes against the flood of illegal aliens in our colleges.

Charlie Crist also supports in-state tuition for illegal aliens, so probably the only option is to sit this one out in November or else write in a candidate.

My dog would make a better candidate than Scott or Crist. At least she wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds her.

Betty Dobson


Don’t force Sterling to sell

Even though I was very upset about a recent event, I had decided not to weigh in on the subject. But, over the past week, after hearing newscasters and sportscasters voice their opinions on the matter, and more importantly the actions taken by Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, I felt I had to say something. The situation I’m referring to is the comments made by the owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling.

Before any of the readers get upset, let me say that I am not defending Mr. Sterling. His remarks were very stupid. Saying or doing something stupid usually isn’t a crime in this country. If it was, I would have had thousands more arrests in my police career.

So, my first question is when did saying something stupid enable someone to take away your business? The NBA commissioner banned Mr. Sterling from the league for life, imposed a $2.5 million dollar fine, AND is trying to force him to sell the team.

The ramifications of this are mind boggling, and the NBA is treading on a very slippery slope here. The legal issues here will take years to iron out, I believe, if Mr. Sterling fights this in the courts. So, let me get this straight, any owner of a company who now says something stupid — not illegal, just stupid — they can lose their business? Last time I checked this was still the United States of America where free speech was allowed.

Russ Colombo

Spring Hill

Questions about Benghazi

I am a U.S. Citizen, a veteran, and a tax payer. I want the readers of this newspaper, as well as members of the so called main stream media, to read and reflect on the following questions. I want answers, I need answers, I demand answers.

1. During the Benghazi attack, where was the “Commander in Chief” Barack Obama and what, if any, action did he take?

2. During the attack, where was the “Secretary of State” and what, if any, action did she take?

3. Why was Susan Rice picked to be spokesperson for the Obama administration in place of Hillary Clinton, who was responsible for the embassy outpost?

4. Where did the bogus video story come from?

After almost two years, why don’t we know the answers to these questions? I feel betrayed and let down by the government and the media.

Does anyone else care that we are being lied to by our government? Where is the so called main stream media? Are NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc. all in the tank for socialist Democrats? How about the Associated Press? Where are they? Why does the media (your newspaper included), either ignore or down play any questions about this attack?

Our country is in real trouble if the journalists will not seek out and report the truth. Is journalism dead in this country? Is protecting Obama the main goal or are they, and you, controlled by far left socialists? People, think about what you are being told, or “not told” in the main stream media. Why do we stand for this? What are we letting our country become? Wake up before it’s too late.

Mike Flavin

Spring Hill

Obama thinks he is succeeding.

The American people are trying to judge President Obama’s performance on the basis that the president of the United States should be a president that considers America to be exceptional; a president whose No. 1 priority is to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution; a president whose duty is to protect and defend America from foreign and domestic invaders; a president who respects the doctrine of the separation of power in the U.S. government; and a president who promotes equal justice over social justice.

Yes, Americans are judging President Obama on his performance. Americans want a president to be transparent and a leader of the free world that will lead and promote American exceptionalism in the world, a president that always considers America’s best interest first with its foreign and domestic policies, a president who respects America’s sovereignty rights and borders, a president who enforces immigration laws, a president who supports limited government and a balanced budget, a president who promotes ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties, and a president who unites the people instead of dividing them.

That is the kind of president the American people want and are using to judge President Obama and his performance. From this perspective, the American people are seeing Obama as a weak president and a failure with his presidency.

However, it seems Obama sees himself as being successful in his endeavors to transform America from being a so-called “imperialist nation.” Obama apparently is an anti-colonialist who believes America needs to rid itself from its imperialist heritage.

President Obama has been diligent in trying to transform America to become more like any other socialist nation in the world. He seems to dislike the idea that America should be a vigorous leader in the world and prefers for America to govern using diplomacy and appeasement instead of using perseverance and strength (economically and militarily).

Obama is transforming America and if left unchallenged, he will succeed.

Vinny Martinez


Clinton will pay for Benghazi

Benghazi! I hope that word strikes fear into H.R.Clinton’s heart and it should. She and her boss lied time after time to all of us about who and why four brave Americans were ruthlessly murdered by the savage Arabs for no other reason than they were American.

New revelations are slowly emerging that their initial story was pure fiction concocted by this reprehensible administration for no other reason than give political cover to the most useless president in the history of our country. Had the true facts been released at the time of the tragedy he could not have been able to make pronouncements from on high that al-qaeda was in shambles and on the run.

This duplicitous harpy looked the grieving family members in the eye and lied through her teeth claiming the man responsible, that poor guy in California who made a disparaging video about Islam, would be punished. That self-same, I would like to use the “B”word but it wold not be allowed, now has aspirations to run for the presidency. The e-mails have now shown the whole fairy tale was started by high-level administration advisors who were most definitely not using any intel provided by the CIA.

“What difference does it make?” Let me tell you madam it most assuredly will make a difference in November 2016 if we the people have anything to say about it. We have had enough of a lying rat in the White House and, for the time being, we have learned our lesson. My advice to you Mrs. Clinton, don’t run for office, run for cover. We do not want you, not because you are a woman but because you represent the lowest and basest of what our political system is about.

George Stansbury


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