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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Let the people vote on red-light cameras

“ Unbelievable” is the only word that comes to mind after the statement by Mayor Hohn of Brooksville about the constitutionality of the petition to get red-light cameras on the November Ballot by the Miketinacs.

Speaking of constitutionality, where was the peoples’ rights when it came to these devices being installed and where was their right to have a say if we wanted them. This was just another example of big brother (government ) knowing what’s best for its citizens and ramming it down our throats.

I ask this question again as I did a week ago in this forum: Would someone in the government in Brooksville — maybe the mayor — like to explain why there are all the empty storefronts lining the main streets in Brooksville? Do you think those cameras might have something to do with that or is it just a coincidence?

If you think people don’t take that into consideration when there going shopping, you’re sadly mistaken. What’s the problem with giving the citizens the right to make their wishes known, unless you’re worried that the outcome will threaten your little cash cow.

The mayor states he lives in Southern Hills, a well-to-do gated community outside of Brooksville. He also states that his neighbors have contrary opinions “but as soon as we have a conversation, they usually agree” with him. I wonder what their opinion would be if a camera was installed at the entrance of that development and they would have to deal with the same conditions residents of Brooksville deal with every time they go downtown.

Commissioner Jim Adkins states he has viewed some of the footage that law enforcement sees determining who gets a ticket and states some people who came to a stop before turning right got a ticket anyway.

Dose anyone besides the politicians in charge not want this on November’s ballot?

It’s time the people get their say, and it’s well overdue. You, Mr. Mayor, were put in office to carry out the wishes of your electorate. Why are you now trying to find a way to silence them.

J.T. Woods


Re: “Rogers Park bridge jumping a problem or privilege?” June 8

Mr. Nangle asks us what we think about kids jumping off the bridge that is over the Weeki Wachee River at Rodgers Park.

Before I answer the question, let me relate an incidence that happened to my guest and me when we went under that bridge. We were heading upstream, and as we crossed under the bridge in front of the Upper Deck, two kids “cannon balled” us from the bridge, each causing splashes big enough to soak all of us in the boat. The folks sitting along the water’s edge at Roger’s Park, adults and kids alike, thought it was great fun and had a big laugh. I did not think it was very funny, so when we returned to go back under the bridge, I had my boat hook out and aimed it at the kids on the beach who were about to jump at us. Obviously, none of them wanted to be on the wrong end of the boat hook and did not jump. The kids and some of the adults, I assume parents, were outraged and called us every dirty name in the book.

After that happening, I am not, and never was, for the county allowing kids to jump off the bridge. Can you imagine the lawsuit that would follow if a kid were injured as a result of jumping off that bridge? The same wrongheaded parents, who were so gleeful at their darlings soaking unsuspecting boaters, would be at their lawyer’s office jiffy quick, ready to sue the county.

Let them do what they have been doing for years? A privilege? What happens when someone gets hurt?

John Wyatt

Weeki Wachee

Re: “Anti-camera petition certified,” June 8

Mr. Fox, Thank you for your story about the Anti-Camera petition and the attempt by the Miketinacs to have the cameras removed. I have recently been cited for making a right turn on red. It was not a question of endangering anyone, since there wasn’t another car or person in sight as I made my turn.

Since I have had a driver’s license for over 58 years, with a perfect driving record, I was certain I had reason to contest this violation. It was only when I went to the Brooksville Police Department for the proper form, that I was told of the outrageous 5 mph speed limit. That is a well-kept secret, and for good reason. How else would the city have been able to generate all this extra money? Since receiving this citation, my friends, family and I have been testing ourselves, trying to turn at 5 mph. All of us agree it is almost an impossibility. The other day, I slowed down to 10 mph while making a turn (outside of City limits) and two cars behind me gave me the horn. Had I been going 5 mph, they most likely would have plowed into me.

We all know this “law” is not to save lives, but a means of extracting money from unwary motorists. Please continue to warn drivers of this scam and also please give the Miketinacs a huge “Thank you” for their efforts to have the cameras removed. A pat on the back for Commissioner Jim Adkins, too.

Lorraine Loscalzo


Taxpayers will pay if Crist is elected

Electing Charlie Crist back as governor of Florida would be the same as giving Florida residents a dose of the plague. Charlie Crist is nothing but a career-seeking politician looking for another four years of taxpayers’ pay checks and doing nothing for Florida, a repeat of his first term.

This state was a complete mess while Crist was in office and a total wreck when he left office. He did absolutely nothing to improve anything that would benefit the residents of this state or its condition.

The economy got worse, unemployment increased, while the state continued to go deeper in debt.

Have the voters forgotten the $430,000 trip on taxpayers’ money Crist took to Europe taking his fiancé and her sister with him to find jobs for Florida? This was nothing but a taxpayers’ paid pre-honeymoon trip. Can anyone identify one single job created from this expensive trip on taxpayers’ dollars. Oh, yes, he did do something; he raised taxes wherever he could. Remember the additional money you are paying at the license bureau each year. It is the same tax Governor Scott recently cut, saving us money.

Knowing the Republican Party would not support him any longer, Crist left the party and signed up for the Independent party. He found out quickly the Independents had him pegged as an empty suit and he then jumped over to the Democratic Party. Being a tax and spender, this is probably where Teflon Charlie belongs.

Voters, Charlie Crist has already collected enough taxpayers’ paychecks to retire, so, let’s put him in retirement. Rick Scott has Florida going in the right direction. Scott has cut taxes and expenses while putting us in a surplus financial condition.

Who knows, maybe Obama will hire Crist to help him close down Obamacare, along with the businesses that will close during the last two and one-half years that Obama has in office. Or they can ride around on Air Force One and drink beer together. Yes, you can bet the taxpayers will have to pay for the beer.

Ray Dobson


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