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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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District should keep Ken Pritz on staff

Well the school year is over but the strong-arm tactics and back stabbing has just started. One of our fly- by-night school superintendents that blow through the school system — there’s been two or three in the past five years — is trying to push one of our administrators (Ken Pritz) with 34 years of service out the door.

It’s just another prime example of “it’s my way or the highway” attitude this superintendent and the school board have exhibited over the years. I mention the board because no one so far has stood up to these tyrannical tactics of this superintendent and questioned this obvious payback to anyone not marching in lockstep with her views.

Anyone who knows Ken Pritz, and there are generations, know that there are few people, if any, in the Hernando County School District who have a better understanding of teaching and learning and have exhibited that knowledge for many years.

To have this recent superintendent (Lori Romano) make a statement degrading Mr. Pritz, questioning his integrity and educational experience, is not only appalling, it makes me question her abilities.

There has been little to brag about under her watch. Pushing Ken out the door, trying to relegate him to some dusty warehouse only quantifies my suspicions that Gestapo tactics are alive and well and part of her administration’s back door tactics.

This district needs the expertise of Ken Pritz and I hope someone on the school board is smart enough to see through this smoke screen and stop this travesty before we lose this treasure.

J.T. Woods


Stand Up Ameriaca

In my 70 years on this earth I have seen many administrations, both Republican and Democrat pass through our federal government. The country leans left or right with who is in office at the time. I have always felt that regardless of who was in power that there was a sense of right and wrong, of fairness and honesty, and that there were boundaries that would not be crossed. Not anymore.

We have National Intelligence Director James Clapper and Attorney General Eric Holder openly lying to congress (remember Scooter Libby?). Holder has been held in contempt of congress for ignoring subpoenas and refusing to answer questions about “fast and furious.” We have Holder’s justice department investigating the Associated Press and Fox News and James Rosen of Fox News.

We have the I.R.S. scandal where they singled out conservative groups to suppress their ability to campaign in the 2010 and 2012 elections. Lois Learer, a high ranking I.R.S. official, refuses to testify as to who is responsible.

We have Benghazi where four Americans were killed by terrorists and we cannot find out the truth of what really happened. Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State at the time, said “What difference does it make?”

We have the VA scandal where veterans died waiting for care. An Associated Press story printed in the Tampa Tribune on June 7 states findings of retaliation against whistle blowers.

We have the prisoner swap, Bergdhal for five very bad terrorists. Bergdhal’s fellow soldiers are being called liars for speaking out and telling the truth. I say “God bless them.”

I am shocked and appalled at what has happened to this country under Barrack Obama. I could go on at length about each and every one of these scandals, but you all know the stories. I am quite sure that there are thousands of good, honest, descent, law abiding people working in the federal government. Where are they? When will they stand up and say “enough.” How can they go to work every day and not speak out? Is the fear of punishment or retaliation that great or that widespread in every segment of this government?

Remember Nikita Khrushchev’s famous statement. “We will bury you from within.” Wake up America, it’s happening right now. Good and honest people must stand up now and say “enough, this must stop.” We the people must fix this in November. Elections have consequences.

Mike Flavin

Spring Hill, FL

Retake the country

I am a Vietnam veteran and sadly I feel compelled to write this letter. When my brothers-in-arms, who served with honor and distinction, returned home they were greeted with disdain and excoriated with cries of murderers and baby killers. It grieves me greatly to say I would advise any and all of our most precious commodity, namely those brave souls over the age of 18 years, to eschew service in the military because I, who was proud to do my duty and would have given my life for my country and every man woman and child in America, could never obey any order from a Commander-In- Chief who has shown that he is a traitor and sympathizer to our sworn enemy, the al-Qaeda or Taliban or whatever name they chose.

Never in our great nation’s history would a president ever consider releasing the five most important members of any enemy organization for one soldier much less a proven deserter who has the worth of maybe one camel. Just imagine if FDR had within his control Bormann, Gehering, Goebels, Himmler and Rommel not to mention Tojo or Adm. Naguma the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack.

My question as to this analogy is rhetorical because that part of our history is not taught in any school in America because the progressive-socialist-demarxicrats do not want our children to really know American History. They only want them to know what fits their ideological agenda. Shame on them and a pox upon their houses for their treacherous attempts to brainwash our children into believing their lies.

I have four of my five brothers who wore the uniform and swore the same oath as I and I know they would have all done as I, given my last full measure of devotion in defense of my country. However, we now have a president who cares not for the lives of those under his command as much as he cares about the political polls.

Now it is up to us “we the people” to retake our country from those progressive-socialist-demarxicrats who want to subjugate every American unto big government.

God Bless America.

George M. Stansbury


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