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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letters to the editor


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A no vote for the school board

I cannot vote yes for a one-cent sales tax because Hernando County is teaming up with the school board for this tax.

I cannot vote for the same school board that stopped busing children within 2 miles of the school and the following year decided to once again start busing them, and after selling many of the buses cheap, they now have to spend a few million dollars of our tax money to get new ones because of their flip flopping.

After seeing this waste I will vote no. But I will vote yes to the county if they go it alone.

Robert Van Istendal

Spring Hill

Here we go again

We have spent several years now, over a decade, spending trillions of dollars, putting our military in arms way, for what? For a country and their leaders that only want us there to line there pockets with our American tax dollars. Does the president and the Congress really think we have made a change in Iraq and Afghanistan? No, I do not think so.

I feel for all the families who lost a child in these senseless conflicts. Now, here we go again. Sending any type of military into Iraq again, is senseless. When is this administration and past administration going to understand? They do not want us there, really.

We need to focus on what this country needs right here at home and the money we are spending over there can be used to fix our country. What part of that do they not understand. Watching an American flag being burned, am I imagining that or did I really see our flag being burned? Didn’t you Americans see that too?

Why should we keep sending our troops over there when we can use them to protect the borders in this country against the invasion of illegals.

We have enough problems with all those illegals costing our government and the American people the tax dollars that could be use to help the problems we have with unemployment and poverty in this country.

If these people want the American dream, then they should have to wait like all the other immigrants that entered this country legally and found their American dream.

Marion Merrell

Spring Hill

Illegal immigrants bringing health crisis

With the recent illegal invasion on our southern border, many doctors fear that the United States will have

a red-level health emergency. Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is quoted as saying, “A public health crisis,

the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime, is looming.” She predicts the hardest hit by exposures to

these difficult-to-treat diseases will be the elderly, children, cancer patients, and patients suffering with chronic lung disease or congestive heart failure.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is the most serious risk and TB is highly contagious according to Dr. Vliet. She stated you can catch it anywhere around infected people, and it is coming across our borders right now as Border Patrol agents are reporting. Drug-resistant TB requires a complex and extremely expensive treatment that has serious side effects and a low cure rate.

Instead of trying to stop the influx of illegal immigrants and life-threatening diseases, Barack Obama has ordered them transported deeper into our country, many have been sent to Florida shelters.

I was living in Kentucky as a child when Waverly Hills located in Louisville was housing patients with TB. So many died that they had to install a body slide from the upper floors to a tunnel to be transported to a train station.

Do we want this for America? Tell Barack Obama and the U. S. Congress to seal our border and stop this insanity.

Betty Dobson


Did U.S. conspire to allow flood of illegals?

The recent flood of children crossing our border from Mexico has raised questions that deserve answers. How did all these unaccompanied children, mostly aged 5-17, get into the U.S.? Did they swim the Rio Grande, walk across the southern desert, or jump what little bits of wall/fence exist? These are all good questions, but we also have to look farther south.

Almost all of these kids are from Central America. How did they get across Mexico’s southern border? We’ve been told for years that Mexico is much more protective of its southern border than we are of ours, so how did this huge number penetrate the border? Once across, how did they travel the length of Mexico without being intercepted by Mexican authorities? We’re talking about groups of hundreds or thousands of children traveling hundreds of miles undetected. How did so many impoverished Central American families find the funds to pay professional ‘coyotes’ to move their children north?

I think it’s safe to say that there was massive involvement of the Mexican government and collusion between Mexico and the U.S. Mexico has always kept its southern border closed tightly because the last thing that country needs is more poor, uneducated peasants.

They let them into Mexico only because they were certain that they weren’t going to stay. There has to have been an agreement with the U.S. that we’d let the kids into our country. Given the current administration’s disdain for U.S. sovereignty, it’s easy to conceive of such an agreement.

So, the really big question is: Did the U.S. assure Mexico that we would let all the unaccompanied children from Central America into our country, even before they got here?

John S.V. Weiss

Spring Hill

Home Squatters Rights

There is something seriously wrong with our laws when a squatter can take over possession of an owner’s home and refuse to move out when the owner demands it.

In this case, the squatter has all of the rights to maintain possession of the home until the court tells them otherwise. Thus, the burden is on the owner to hire an attorney and to go to court to remove the squatter.

From the time of making demands by the owner of the squatter, to the time to hire an attorney, to the time of court proceedings, months have passed and the squatter is still in possession. In almost all cases, the squatters refuse to move out.

These cases of squatters in possession, have in the past, happened hundreds of times.

This is all very wrong, where the burden of proof of ownership is placed on the owner of the property and must be changed. The burden of proof of possession must be first placed on the squatter.

The new law should read as follows: Upon immediate demand by the owner upon the squatter to move in 10 hours and their refusal, the owner shall notify the sheriff of such and the sheriff shall immediately move the squatters out. Then it shall be up to the squatters to go to court with their claim for possession, if any, and usually they never have a claim.

It is now time for our legislators to correct this wrong and enact new laws to protect home owners from squatters. Show us that you stand for the best interest of the public.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Bad decisions by our government

I am writing this letter in hopes that people understand that we make decisions based on the information that is given to us. If we are fed information that is false, we are going to make a bad decision because of this.

Our government over the years has made a lot of bad decisions because of this and the last one was getting involved with a county that could care less about Americans.

This country was built on our Constitution and over the past decades, it does matter who our President is. If you want to put the blame on some one, blame the 535 other people up in Washington who make all the decisions for this country.

I can blame either side but the issue is both are responsible for how this country is being run, whether good or bad. It is not going to change anything until we the people change who we put in Washington each time we go to the polls. We did do that in the last election and some very powerful people were voted out of office.

Yes, I am a Democrat but I also vote for who I think can do the best job for our county and yes, I have voted for some Republicans and Independents in the past. The issue is, we need to mind our own business in these other countries and take care of business right in our own backyard.

First of all, the people in the United States need not fear other countries doing a full-scale invasion in North America.

Lets fix within before we go into other countries, telling them how they should run their countries when we can not do it in this country. Yes, we are going to have outside radicals invade our country and anybody who thinks our government can stop that fully is mistaken. But they still do a good job in preventing most of it. We have to be realistic. There have been more Americans that threaten this country than foreigners. Our government needs to spend our American tax dollars in those areas here , rather than spending trillions in these other countries to solve their problems when we have all these problems at home.

Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

Our enemies must be killed

What to do with Iraq seems to be the question of the day. To try to find a solution first we must understand with just whom are we dealing. That answer is simple: We are dealing with savages who care nothing for human life, period.

To best get a handle on this we must find a basis for comparison and for the most recent in history we need look no further than the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Unfortunately, my analogy will be missed by those under the age of 40 due to the lack of teaching this part of history. So those of you under this age seek out grandpa and grandma or your grand uncles.

The example I chose is comparing al-Qaeda to the Weirmacht (the German army in WWII) and ISIS to the Waffin SS, the group most responsible for the holocaust. They were the original lunatics dedicated to killing whomever they were told because their leadership, i.e. Imams, said so. We had to seek out, try and for the most part execute these vile beasts. Ergo, the only way with which to deal with people of this mind set is to kill them not hold their hands and ask, pretty please do not kill us, but kill them. That is the way to stop them permanently.

I know what you are thinking. I am advocating a form of genocide much like the Nazis. Not so. I am advocating killing our enemies. They are avowed to the eradication of all infidels who are those of differing beliefs.

George Stansbury


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