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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Red-light cameras are killing Brooksvill businesses

Businesses are moving out of Brooksville. Another one bit the dust last week. Golden Coral packed it in. The list is getting longer and longer every month. Sonic, West Coast Buffet and now Golden Coral. Who’s Next? Empty store fronts line our streets and a few miles down the road things are booming in Springhill. It`s a shame and as I asked before, why haven’t we heard any kind of explanation from our city officials or any plan to try and stop this hemorrhage? When a few years ago there were always waiting lines at the Golden Coral. On holidays, my wife took me there Fathers Day at 3 p.m. and the place was half empty. I asked our waiter about the half-empty restaurant. She replied things have been going down hill for a while. The new branch that opened in Springhill isn’t helping. She said lots of people avoid Brooksville. There is nothing here anymore and who wants to deal with all those camera traps at almost every intersection? People are avoiding Brooksville plain and simple. You can’t argue that point when one business after another leaves. If business was good they’d all still be here. Wake up city officials, we’re bleeding out. It’s obvious we’re going in the wrong direction.

JT Woods


Good intentions and results

I agree with the Colonel (Re: “The difference between intentions and results,” June 22) things aren’t always as they seem. In Basic Training with two weeks before graduation, someone said we were going to be set back two weeks. We were wanting to get out of there and that was a huge disappointment. However, we asked the question to those who would know and were told it was not true. The Colonel is telling us to think for ourselves and do not accept everything we hear. If it is important to us we should seek the truth. If we do this before any election we will be able to vote with what comes from our hearts and not someone else’s head

Julius Ricks

Spring Hill

The UN is a failure

What was the most colossal failure of the 20th century? No, it was not the various wars on whatever like poverty or drugs and so on. No, it was not the League of Nations, but you’re close. It wasn’t any program by FDR or JBJ or Grinning Jimmy. The most colossal failure of the 20th century and continues to be, by the way, is The United Nations.

How dare you, you ask? Well, let me illuminate you. The primary reason for it’s formation was to ensure peace in the world and to set up a format by which nations can sit down when aggrieved and talk things out to prevent any shooting and needless death. But, alas, that never happened. First came Israel, the Arabs surrounding them refused to grant them any semblance of peace, so since their formation they have almost constantly been living in a state of high alert if not a state of war. Next we have Korea, a war that has never been resolved just an armistice reached to end the killing. Then comes Vietnam. Most of us know what happened there while the UN lip diddled and did nothing . Now comes the burgeoning crisis in the Middle East. There the savages under the guise of a faux religion are bent on the domination of the world. Hmmm, where have we heard this before? I know, such greats as Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin or Mao Tse Tung. Isn’t it curious how those last two nations, Russia and China, are on the UN Security Council?

Make no mistake, Islam’s goal is the forced conversion to their absurd beliefs which are spelled out in their Koran plainly stating convert or we have the duty and right to kill you and it is these lunatics who represent the biggest threat ever to world peace yet the UN does nothing. Apostates and infidels murdered and raped with impunity and there is the UN twiddling their collective thumbs, sighing what can “we” do.

My point here is my ideal president would flip off the UN, reject our membership and tell them to take their ambassadors club and leave our country. Isolationist, maybe, but we do have international treaties in place, like NATO. So let’s band together with our allies and friends and tell the rest no more foreign aid. The UN a waste of time and money better spent here at home.

George Stansbury


Impeach Obama now

With each passing hour, we in America are becoming more endangered. Our lives, prosperity, sanity, happiness. Our whole future as a free country is in doubt because our president is above the law. He breaks the law whenever he wants,

Why is this possible? You and I haven’t let ourselves be counted. We have representatives in Congress that must be told of our displeasure and held accountable. We have to look out for the future of America. Leaving it to dishonorable scoundrels has led to ruin in the past and will so in the future.

Obama must be stopped. Two and a half more years is too long to wait.

Impeach him now!

Gary L Shaw


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