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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Re: “Christians in name only,” June 27

I certainly hope Mr.Bolton feels better after his tirade against Christians concerning what he feels to be our attitude concerning the children coming through our southwest border. The depth of his anger is very apparent, but not too unusual, as Christianity and Christians are being demeaned and denigrated throughout the country. I believe many people are concerned about what is taking place on our borders and we should be, because it will certainly effect us in a very negative and costly way. I believe in 2013 we had approximately 6,000 children come through our borders illegally, and we expect 90,000 in 2014 and even more in 2015 and 2016. These Central American children are being turned over to human traffickers and taken on a very difficult journey of 1,000 miles to the U.S. where they are placed in protective custody by a border patrol agent. It is reported many of these children suffer grievously during the journey, but they are safe here and will stay here because our laws prohibit the deporting of children. The really sad part about all of this is that an apparent terrible humanitarian crisis is in fact a politically manipulated crisis to force changes in our immigration policies, and the children are being used to their great detriment as pawns by politicians here and in Central America. All of this to meet a political objective — open borders. Millions of people all over the world are seeking to come to America because we are the greatest country the world has ever seen. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and through those values have made the world a much better place. Certainly, we have made mistakes, but a world without Christian America would be disastrous. In response to Mr.Bolton’s question about what would Jesus do with the children on the borders; I am confident He would love them unconditionally and care for them, as would all believers, and be saddened that they were used and manipulated to achieve a political objective.

Glenn N. Musselwhite


Re: “Christians in name only,” June 27

Regarding the above article, Bolton makes a statement about Christians (the Christian right) without any references, proof, and any evidence to support his allegation. I am a Christian, from the ‘right’ and I have not heard one fellow Christian, nor read any article that supports his allegation. He is obviously a fool but probably cannot help it. But, for you to print such a piece of garbage is absolutely asinine. In addition, please ask him how many of the subject immigrants he is willing to support; along there with how many orphans, homeless, and other needy people that the record is full that Christians support world-wide!

The Hernando Today and Tribune continue to move to the left with such garbage as Bolton, (and Andy Marlette) away from family, family values, and the American tradition; not to mention Christianity.

Jim Adams

Feed them bread and fish

How blessed I was to read Craig Bolton’s piece (“Christians in name only,” June 27).

I am reluctant, in response to Mr. Bolton’s article, to enter into a discussion as to whether or not I am one of God’s children, but I would like to briefly respond to his remarks about the “children.”

I believe Mr. Bolton implies that those coming to our country from Canada, Australia and Europe are all of one skin color. That may well be so, but one very crucial piece he left out was the fact that most of these people bring their children with them rather than sending them on ahead.

Mr. Bolton asks, “what would Jesus do with all these children crossing into this country?” If I correctly recall the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes read to me when I was a child, I suspect Jesus would say to his disciples, “find me another boy with 5 small loaves of bread and two small fish.”

May everyone’s God be with us all.

Joe Green


Christian bashing enters the building

It is to no surprise that the onslaught of Christian bashing in America has grown into a national epidemic in the nation. And with that fact, I refer to Craig Bolton’s letter (“Christians in name only,” June 27) that shows a good example of hatred toward Christians that mostly characterizes the secular liberal progressive mind-set of American society known to spout malevolent attacks against Christians for their own agendas.

It appears obvious the object of the letter refers to the mass of children that came over the border while Bolton claims most Christians want to keep the children from crossing our nation’s borders while suggesting the cause is due to the color of their skin. Could this be another opportunity to slam white people when they expose their own racism? How ironic to preach the Bible to Christians from someone who reveals their own hateful prejudice.

I’d like to ask the author of their malicious allegations, “just what evidence do you base your conclusions on? How is it you don’t consider that many non-Christians in America don’t favor the illegal masses coming into the country which is conveniently overlooked in your letter?”

This isn’t about hate towards those children as it is the Americans who are tired and fed-up with the consistent flow of illegals swarming into this nation, burdening the pockets of taxpaying citizens to support the free benefits and privileges given them. Where does the writer assume America should be consistently responsible for the human suffering of everyone in the world?

After reading the hateful rant of Bolton’s letter, I wouldn’t be surprised if Christians would want anything to do with them.

Joyce Grochowicz

Weeki Wachee

Re: “Christians in name only,” June 27

Mr.Bolton, I hope you know there are many churches down in the border area that are overwhelmed by the influx of illegals! Jesus would want the church to help them, not the Government. And they are! I would like you to open your door, take off the locks and let your house be a shining example of how to treat others! If you have, then post your address publicly and let those poor souls in need of food and shelter into your home for a start! Or, as you say they are fleeing the drug gangs and slavery sex trades, why don’t you gather a bunch of your martial arts professionals and go and eradicate them with your mighty martial arts powers! You talk a good talk, but I don’t see you walking the walk!

Bruce DeLong


Stop the finger pointing and spray

Is Brooksville playing Mosquito Roulette with its residents? How long are we expected to go without Mosquito spaying? Like Nero, Brooksville is fiddling around with our health while its citizens burn and itch from mosquito bites. Let’s get the sprayers going. Pay the darn county its blood money and then take them to court if you think they’re wrong for charging the city. Doing nothing might cost someone their life with all the diseases mosquitos carry. It just doesn’t matter who is right or wrong only that we get this started. The longer we wait, the greater the chances are that someone gets sick. Stop the finger pointing and fire up the sprayers.

James Woods


Obama guilty of treason

Treason is on the minds of me and all of my like-minded citizens. Why, you ask? The answer is because our president thinks he is above our laws and Constitution. Our Constitution clearly states to impeach a sitting president he must be charged with and convicted of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” I can think of no crime higher than “treason” which our sitting POTUS committed when he released the five most violent terrorists in the history of our country. Why then, Mr. Nugent, have there been no charges filed against Mr. Obama? Barak Hussein Obama’s name will forever be synonymous with Benedict Arnold.

George M. (Mike) Stansbury


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