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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Marlette went too far

I was offended by Andy Marlette’s stupid cartoon. He can draw, but where is his brain? His comparison of going to the bathroom to abortion is like comparing a slap to murder. Hernando Today needs to be more careful of what it prints. This is an insult to Christians, who are the most productive people in this county.

Addicted to Violence was a super article. I grew up in the fifties. Movies then didn’t show extreme violence and explicit sex like they do now. It comes right into our homes on TV now. It’s sugar-coated with comedy. Those types of shows should never be seen by our youth. We had a saying then, monkey see, monkey do.

Donald J. Meyers is a favorite writer of mine. His articles are always interesting, like Sunday’s, July 6 “Living in a make believe world.” That article helps us understand why our politicians make such stupid decisions. That is one reason. Donald was too nice to mention greed and money. He gives us credit for already knowing that.

Margaret Terkovich

Spring Hill

Cemex mine is bad for cemetery

What do the 100 year old Spring Hill Cemetery and the Cemex Corporation have in common? Cemex has a plan that could destroy the cemetery.

Cemex is proposing to mine rock on the 750 acres next door to the cemetery, from State Road 50 across from the hospital all the way to Fort Dade Avenue. How do they rock mine? They use explosives. Blasting designed to break apart the rock and the headstones of the cemetery. The question is: Will there be anything left of the cemetery after Cemex mines the area for the next twenty years?

The Spring Hill Cemetery is an active cemetery in use today. Families believe they are putting their love ones to rest in a peaceful place. Cemex’s proposal will destroy that peace.

Cemex is a worldwide corporation in more than 50 countries. They have no intention of hiring new employees from Hernando County. They already have all they need. This new proposal will have no economic benefit to Hernando County.

There are 22 mines in Hernando County. We don’t need another one.

The beautiful Fort Dade Canopy road will suffer, the Spring Hill Cemetery will suffer and the hospital will suffer. Tell the county commissioners to say “no” to the Cemex proposal.

Linda Welker


Mining is bad use of Cortez Blvd. property

On July 14 nature will be taking another back seat in what is called “the Nature Coast” if Planning and Zoning OKs the rezoning (for 20 years) of over 700 acres of land in the heart of Hernando County on Cortez Boulevard across from Bayfront Health Brooksville Hospital extending from Fort Dade Avenue to almost Cobb Road. Just say “no” to this CEMEX application for land use and zoning by signing the petition, e-mailing or writing Hernando County Planning and Zoning and appearing at the Planning and Zoning meeting on July 14 and the County Commissioners meeting August 12. Visit the website View the video and other information there.

Residents could have wells collapse and there will be pollution into Peck Sink and the Florida Aquifer. There would be air pollution and land disturbances from vibrations that could affect delicate surgical equipment at the hospital and equipment at local businesses. The animals will disperse with the blasting, possibly running into traffic on Cortez Boulevard and Fort Dade Avenue.

Several years ago I suggested this acreage would make a wonderful park for a bit of respite for workers, residents and tourists to stop to enjoy their lunch and walk trails in various natural surroundings. That usage would be more in line with a balance of greenway and growth that what I believe the comprehensive plan for Hernando County is all about. The well-known Brooksville businessmen that own the land could erect educational billboards explaining the history of Hernando County from its beginnings, the Civil War days through cattle ranching, mining, agriculture, the airport, natural areas, water activities and tourism, highlighting the various people who have made Hernando County what it is today. This would be far better than leaving their heirs a giant hole in the ground encompassing many acres.

Mary Ellen Urban


Increase tourism through preservation of natural areas

Recent articles by Hernando Today reporter Michael Bates on an increase in the bed tax, a new collaborative sales tax between the schools and county commission, and the development of an alternative site for a proposed tourism center should raise serious concerns from the residents of Hernando County. Promises of more jobs for its residents and more tourists to increase local businesses’s profits as legitimate reasons for new and higher county taxes is not what Hernando County is all about. One also gets the impression commissioners are spending more than $3 million of county taxpayer money just to match an equal amount of free state funds.

We do not need more tourists, nor do we need a new nature education center under the guise of more economic development. We already have sufficient preserves and parks. Putting up a new, multi-million dollar, artificially contrived facility, anywhere in Hernando County, will just add to the congestion, pollution and invasion of our natural habitat. And most importantly, it will do nothing for the citizens who already live here.

Citizens are not only opposed to the proposed location, but also to the concept of having such a center anywhere in the county. They oppose this false type of economic development in Hernando County. No surveys, no polls, no mass meetings or demonstrations of public outpourings for such “concepts” exist. This so-called “economic” thrust is coming from the business community, the commission who is beholden to them, and from its lone administrator and new “economic development” czar, Len Sossamon. This is not of the citizens’ doing nor should it be.

A more natural economic development in the medical and neighborhood transportation areas, and an increase in county visitors, will happen, but only if we preserve what we have now.

Brian P. Moore

An independent Candidate for Hernando County Commission, District 2

Spring Hill

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