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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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We’ll miss you Norman Pallot

Norman Pallot, one of Hernando Today’s guest columnists and one of the best conservative voices has written his last editorial. Norman Pallot was a very strong voice on the direction the country is on, and penned many opinions in opposition to the Obama doctrine. Still very sharp and just shy of 92 years young, he will be missed.

Skip Guenther

Weeki Wachee

Misleading opinions about the Supreme Court decision

It was interesting to read the Democratic talking points concerning the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision in the July 4 Tribune letters to the editor. Anyone who had been paying attention should know (if they really cared to) that the Hobby Lobby case was not about contraception. It was about “pill induced abortion.” Contraception is, “tending or serving to prevent conception or impregnation,” according to According to the same source, abortion is, “the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.” Clearly, two different things. Hobby Lobby did not argue against providing insurance for their employees that covered “contraceptives.” They objected to providing insurance that covered pills that would induce the abortion of fertilized eggs. Two very different things. Yet the Democrats in their seemingly unending effort to mislead the public lump them together and claim the Republicans are waging a war on women by refusing them free contraception. Give me a break.

J L Bispo

Spring Hill

Send immigrant children packing

$3.7 billion. That’s the amount President beer-guzzling, pool-shooting, do-nothing wants to address the current border crisis when it would only cost $8 million to buy all the little disease factories a one way plane ticket back to from where they came. I know, you say I’m heartless and hate children. No, I don’t. I hate the multifaceted cartels using their suffering as a distraction to greater advantage to ease their smuggling of drugs and enemies into our country.

Like all demarxists President Obama thinks throwing money at a problem will solve it. When in the entire history of America has that ever happened? Never! Also with all his denunciations of the Republicans over this issue the words “secure the borders” have never come out of his mouth ... oops ... yes, a couple of years back he and then Secretary of Homeland Security Incompetano said they were never more secure to which I say “Get your backside down to the Rio Grande and see for your self.”

We all hear how bad it is in El Salvador or Honduras or Guatemala and my response is “I just don’t care.” It is their problem not ours to solve and their wretched refuse are most certainly not refugees and the Mexican government is absolutely no help. Really, they arrest any U.S. citizen who even looks cross-eyed at any of their despicable, corrupt, so-called law enforcement. How do you say oxymoron in Spanish?

A decorated patriotic Marine languishes in a Mexican jail and what does our POTUS do? Zilch. Probably because we do not have five truly heinous and despicable pieces of garbage for barter to get him released. We really need to search all death rows, Mr. President, I’m sure you could find five.

There are many who cannot see the use of these urchins as pawns to facilitate the cartel’s smuggling. So I say, look at the facts: It distracts and takes out of action 70 percent of their manpower to baby sit these germ factories so the drugs, spies and terrorists just keep pouring in and, well, our president is preoccupied with fund raising.

George Stansbury


U.S. must confront radical Islam

A recent email video has been in circulation dealing with the Muslim problem in Belgium. Muslims make up 40 percent of the population and the country has been dominated by a radical Muslim leader named Abu Imran. Moderate Muslims who try to show the world the peaceful side of their religion are bullied and shouted down by Irmran and his followers.

In the video, Imran is being interviewed by CBN news and makes no bones about the aim of his branch of Islam. He maintains that in 20 years Belgium will be a Sharia Law Muslim country and eventually Islam will rule the world. With it will be strict laws forbidding women their rights, death for adultery, cutting off hands of thieves and stoning for various crimes against Islam and Sharia Law.

Belgium is just the beginning as many European countries find themselves being overrun by Muslims, many who are believers in strict Islamic laws. Moderate Muslims are purported to reject this radical arm of the Islamic faith, but few voices are heard from within the mosques.

It is up to the world to recognize the problem and deal with it in a timely manner and the United States needs to lead in getting the message out. The U.S. does not want to liberate Europe as it has twice in the last century.

Our country’s leaders must surely know of the danger of ignoring the problem and must speak up. No one is advocating the extinction of the Muslim religion, although radical Islam is attempting to eradicate the world of all who are not “believers.” If we care about the future of our world, the future of our grandchildren and all the things sacred to us, we must begin now to confront the threat of radical Islam.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

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