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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Remembering Norman Pallot

The people of Hernando Country surely are going to miss Norman and his letters to the editor. I, as a writer of letters to the editor, did not always share Norman’s views — but sometimes we did agree. Norman was outspoken on one issue that was dear to the both of us, as well as on many other matters. That is what’s great about this country. Whether we agree or disagree we have the freedom to speak our views on local and national matters in our newspapers.

Norman had his views and I had mine but we respected each others opinions — unlike others who use the paper to attack other people’s views. I remember I got a phone call one day and it was Norman, calling to let me know that he liked my article and he wanted me to know that he agreed with what I wrote and how nicely it was written.

I just would like to say that Norman is going to be missed. His passing is the way of life but his spirit will always remain in the hearts of all of us who appreciated his writings. God bless you always Norman and may you rest in peace forever.

Gary Mercer,

Spring Hill

A tribute to Norman Pallot

I have for many years enjoyed Norman Pallot’s opinions in our local newspaper with his contribution to the national scene. His opinions have been right on target regarding national and local politics and the direction our country is moving in. Norman, a member of the “Greatest Generation,” is an inspiration to our youth and he is the reason I decided to serve my country during the Korean War and those who followed in Viet Nam and the Middle East. Those who served, and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, can thank Norman and those like him who keep America great. Thank you, Norman. I salute you and honor your service and contribution to America.

Ron Dakin,

Spring Hill

Farewell to Stormin’ Norman

You won’t read any more letters to the editor from Norman Pallot. The good Lord took him back and he will be missed.

Although 90-plus, Stormin’ Norman showed his fellow residents how life should be lived. He was an ardent bowler, loved karaoke, worked out in the fitness center, and spread his knowledge and laughter all around.

He lived life rather than just wait for the end. In this regard he was/is a model for all seniors. Keep kicking the can and find ways to be productive.

God bless Stormin’ Norman and his family.

Bob Widmar,

Weeki Wachee

Re: Incompetence or Corruption, by Donald J. Myers

Your (July 20) column really enlightened me as to who you and many others are and why they think and feel the way they do. With reference to the Massey Video you spoke of, in your words our values are formed during the first 10 years of our lives. Observing the picture in your column I would state there were no minority policemen, firemen or any minority authorities in your environment during that period. You could live wherever you wanted, go anywhere you wanted and feel superior to others because you had your environment to back you up. Also from your picture, I will say your era of values brought us separatism, nepotism, cronyism and jingoism. Would you call that incompetence or corruption? Your column also shows you are reflecting the values you learned during those first 10 years of your life. Maybe if the entire country would look back at the values learned during that period of their lives and adjust, then maybe our country would be the country it is supposed to be.

Julius Ricks,

Spring Hill

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