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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letters to the Editor


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Medical marijuana must come with conditions

Kudos and thanks to Tom Jackson re: “Amendment 2: Legalizing pot via back door” (July 25), an excellent summary of the chicanery that is at the heart of this proposal. I suspect that I, like most people, are in favor of giving the symptomatic relief afforded by marijuana to sufferers of AIDS, ALS, glaucoma and the effects of chemotherapy, an identifiable and relatively small group of patients.

However, from the outset something about Amendment 2 didn’t add up, mainly the large number of people coming to Florida to get in on the ground floor of a business that they thought would make a lot of money for them. The expectation was for too much profit from a limited, legitimate customer base. We now know that the numbers don’t add up because those who actually need medical marijuana are going to be lost in the shuffle as thousands of ersatz “patients” and “caregivers” flood the marketplace for quick hits. I will vote in favor of medical marijuana if, and only if, certain conditions are met.

First, like other controlled substances, marijuana must be prescribed by a doctor, not just recommended. The doctor’s name and DEA number must be present and entered into the same tracking system used for other narcotic drugs.

Second, marijuana prescriptions must be filled by licensed and regulated pharmacies, just like other drugs. We don’t need a loosy-goosy network of “pot stores” for distribution. We don’t have opiate stores or codeine stores. We already have an accountable distribution network for controlled substances and should use it.

Third, proper ID and signature should be required when picking up a marijuana prescription, just like it is for other prescription narcotics.

Finally, only the intended recipient of the drug should be allowed to take possession from the pharmacy unless other arrangements are made in accordance with procedures already in place for other drugs.

If the proponents of medical marijuana usage are unwilling to do these things to control the substance, then they care not about the suffering of others but for their own desire to make medical marijuana into the next “pill mill” embarrassment for our state.

John S.V. Weiss

Spring Hill

It’s just going to get worse

I am writing this letter to offer my sympathies to the younger generations of this country. I know people tend to be overly dramatic when they are trying to make their point, but I firmly believe we are seeing the downhill slide of our country. If you don’t see that, or believe it, then you are wearing blinders, or not being honest with yourself.

I am 63 years old, and if I’m lucky I still have some years left, so I won’t see the total demise of this country. But, make no mistake, it’s coming if the younger generation doesn’t open their eyes. If you haven’t realized that our president and our do-nothing congress are ruining this country, then the country is doomed.

The liberal media also has a big part in the down turn of the country. By their downplaying of all the events that have occurred during this president’s administration, they are destroying this country. They are biased to the point of being unpatriotic, and even traitorous.

The media thought that their reporting, and the bringing down of President Nixon was their greatest coup. Really? As bad as Nixon’s actions were, they pale in the sight of our current president’s scandals. You want to compare a political burglary to Americans being killed, the NSA spying on citizens, the IRS targeting people because of their political affiliation, and America literally drowning in debt? Then, you really are not being honest. It’s time we stopped worrying about party loyalties, and started being loyal to the United States of America.

So, like I said, I’ve lived most of my life already. I have my pension, and Social Security ( both of which I’ve earned, and not gotten a handout). Not even the worst president and congress we’ve ever had can probably do anything to hurt me. It will be you younger people who will suffer, and see our country decline. So, keep listening to the biased, liberal media, wear your blinders, and do nothing. It is going to get worse, believe me. It will be worse because our next president will be just as bad, if not worse. Why? Because I’m predicting who that president will be. It will be Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife. That’s Hillary Clinton for those who can’t figure that one out.

Russ Colombo

Spring Hill

Obama’s support for Palestine unconscionable

About one thousand years ago there was a Crusade fought in the area known then as Palestine and now history has repeated itself. It would seem the same savage element that fought to control the area then is now doing the same thing. To which I am compelled to ask, why? The answer is clear: total world domination and the only difference between then and now is Islamic extremists now have a powerful ally. He is none other than Barak Hussein Obama.

He is dedicated to the radical Islamic/communist cause of transforming our way of life, for which millions have suffered and died, into a Caliphate dedicated to making all American Christians subservient to Islam.

The proof is the exemplar of all he has done since his first inauguration when he said “We are on the threshold of the fundamental transformation America.”

Coward Kerry and gutless Obama have thrown our staunchest ally, Israel, to the wolves by giving financial aid to their enemy, Hamas, or as we know them the Palestinians. Could you possibly imagine FDR or Churchill financing Adolf Hitler? That is exactly what Obama is doing by giving financial aid to the Palestinians. What other proof is needed to file articles of impeachment against the most heinous, treasonous, person to ever disgrace our country, in general, and the White House, in particular .

His wife said that she was never proud of America until her mate was elected and since I have never been more ashamed of the way he has denigrated our great country in front of the world. To spit in the face of a friend and kiss the back sides of our enemies is reprehensible and both Secretaries of State and President Obama have to be held accountable for the foreign disasters known as the Middle East and Ukraine.

God bless America. As for Obama and Clinton and Kerry I’ll leave that up to The Almighty. His will be done.

George Stansbury


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