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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Re: “Bitter enemies forging a common goal,” by John Reiniers (Aug. 10)

Reading this article reminded me of the song “Lost in the 50s,” even though the columnist was writing about the 40s. He speaks exclusively about World War II and remembers events taking place back then. However he develops selective amnesia when it comes to remembering the president’s legislation, career and judicial appointments being blocked by Congress.

He also writes about the president’s executive orders but shows no comparison with other presidents who also wrote executive orders. Once again, selective amnesia.

The current president’s attempt at diplomacy has been blocked by Senator Mitch McConnell and his puppets using their rally call “We must stop Obama.”

When things change sometimes we must change things, this is what the President has done. With the do nothing for him Congress, he decided to change things in an attempt to uplift the country out of the dismal pits he received it in.

To those who have never seen anything like this, remove the scales from your eyes and the stones from your heart. By doing this, when things change you can change with them and not be lost in the 50s/40s.

Julius Ricks

Spring Hill

Will it ever end?

On and on it goes over the problem of illegal immigrants. Our borders are not secure. If you are unaware of this then you’re living on another planet.

Anyone who has the merest amount of intelligence knows this. So what’s the solution? There are ways to become an American citizen and they are defined in the laws of our country. Why can’t our politicians understand this?

One of the major reasons is “politics.” If you support strong immigration laws, you are going to lose votes. On the other hand, if you do not support strong immigration laws, like our president, and his party, i.e. Madame Pelosi, Messrs and Harry Reid, you may lose votes.

I would like to believe the majority of Americans couldn’t care less what party you support, they just want our politicians to support the laws of our country. Oh yes, it’s heart wrenching to see the children of these Third World countries wanting the good life in America and the majority of Americans understand this. But what about the many children born in America who need help? Do they lose the promise of America for those who were unfortunate enough to have been born in a place where freedom of fear is not possible? Are we going to deprive our own children of the American dream? Do you think America has a bottomless pocket that is capable of taking on all the worlds woes?

Those of our religious leaders who would make you believe that God expects you to undertake this burden should consider the fact that our citizens cannot, especially in this economy, support their churches and the entire worlds problems regarding poverty. There is a simple answer to the immigration problem: Secure our borders. If our politicians do not understand this then they should go home and explain this to their constituents.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Four tips for Obama

We have a chaotic situation on our borders, a world in turmoil and an ally under attack and all anyone can ask is “Just what can our president do?” This is a silly question since the answer is so simple . He can put on his big boy pants and lead. Be the president of the United States and not act like the president of a ninth-grade class.

First close our borders and I mean seal them shut by posting the National Guard to interdict and return every illegal possible. This would go a great distance to deterring others from attempting lawless entry and prevent entry of the many undesirables seeking entry for their varied nefarious deeds.

Second, stand firm and fast behind Israel by green lighting them to do whatever is necessary to insure their security and supporting their every move.

Third, re-establish the missile shield in Poland which would be a clear message to Putin we will no longer tolerate his aggressive actions against Ukraine. Speaking of whom we should supply with the arms and equipment needed to repel Russia’s advances.

Fourth, bomb the stuffing out of Iraq cutting off the supply lines to ISIS or ISIL and arming the Kurdish fighters who are more than a match for the savages seeking to overrun them. There are enough places to land C-131’s and C-17’s to give the Kurds the requisite tools to reduce those savages to insignificance. You see, we need not risk American lives as the Kurds would gladly kill off this terrorist trash. We also must cut off any financial aid to all the countries who pay us lip service but fund the terrorists like Pakistan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to cite a few.

Doing this I am certain the rest of our allies would join us simply by seeing we are committed and more than willing to lead but alas this is but a dream as I doubt our president has a pair of big boy pants since he’s wearing shorts while playing so many rounds of golf. So we must live with the knowledge that al-Bagdadi’s words, that he’ll see us in New York, are frighteningly ominous and we know how he will get there: he’ll simply pay off a Mexican border guard, slip across somewhere between southern Texas and southern California, establish his sleeper cells already here and then another 9/11, only on an exponentially larger scale.

George Stansbury


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