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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor


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Quality of life more important than price

County commissioners voted to continue the moratorium on impact fees, which came as no surprise. The argument that was delivered by the Hernando Builders Association and the Association of Realtors and given great weight was that it stifles construction because it raises the cost of housing.

Near as I can figure out, Hernando County is about the only county in our general area that doesn’t have impact fees, so it would stand to reason that we are leading the Tampa Bay area in permits. OK, to be fair, there is no way we can stand above large metropolitan areas but surely we are squeaking by Pasco County and absolutely kicking the snot out of Citrus County with their development-killing impact fees, right?

Now near as I can figure, Hernando County has issued in the neighborhood of 160 permits and that certainly stands head and shoulders above that bastion of developmental frenzied county of Citrus with about 120. I am afraid however Pasco has edged past Hernando, despite their job killing impact fees, with about 940. Maybe, for just a few moments, some consideration should be given that price is but one component of why people choose a place to live.

Perhaps reading in the paper that schools are becoming too dangerous because ceilings are falling in may make them consider that a few dollars more are worth their children’s safety or spending hours commuting to a school out of their district. Perhaps driving on overly congested and deteriorating roadways (paved and unpaved) may make them decide that a few dollars more will be saved in front end alignments and idling in stalled traffic.

Perhaps some day the power brokers in this county will understand that the bottom line in determining where to live will in large part be determined by quality of life. As we have learned by the high number of inexpensive imports, quality and cheap seldom coexist in the same universe

Dennis Schoch

Spring Hill

Private conversations are not safe anymore

A big news story on Aug. 13 was the selling of the LA Clippers basketball team.

The NBA and a judge forced the team’s owner, Donald Sterling, to sell the team because of stupid and ignorant remarks he made to his former girlfriend.

The story was big news on the regular news programs, and especially the sports shows. Most of the opinions were that this was great news. But, before you start cheering this event, take a breath and think about what happened here.

An ignorant and prejudiced old man was having a private telephone conversation with his former girlfriend. He asked her not to embarrass him by bringing her male, black friends to the basketball games. Those are the words he said, he used no inflammatory words. Again, remember this was a private conversation. His former girlfriend recorded his remarks, and then released them to the media, causing the fire storm that ensued.

The former girlfriend committed a crime by doing this. In California, it is a crime to record a phone conversation with only one party consent. This was illegal. Just so that sinks in, it was illegal. So, where is the outcry over this crime? Why hasn’t the former girlfriend been charged for this crime?

Instead, the firestorm came down on the team’s owner for his stupid remarks. Now, make no mistake, I do not like what Donald Sterling said, either. But, what he said was his opinion, during what he thought was a private (there’s that word again) telephone conversation. Just as a point of comparison, a black NFL football player, who was seen on video tape knocking his fiancee unconscious, and dragging her out of an elevator in a casino, was given a minor two game suspension from the NFL.

And, now the majority opinion is that it’s fine for the NBA to take this man’s business away? Granted, he was compensated $2 billion for the sale of the team, but it still isn’t right.

So, all of you who think this was a great thing, take that breath again, and think it through. We can have our businesses taken away from us now because of stupid remarks we say? Is there anyone reading this that can say they have never made a stupid remark that they hoped wouldn’t become public? This is a rhetorical question, by the way.

I think the people who say they were outraged by Donald Sterling’s remarks need to grow a thicker skin. By the way, after I submit this letter to Hernando Today, I am going over to Best Buy to purchase a tape recorder. Maybe I can get some business owner’s remarks on tape, and have his business taken away.

Russ Colombo

Spring Hill

Police in Ferguson are under attack

I’m tired of hearing about all this so-called “police brutality” in Ferguson. This mob of anarchist and looters that appear every night are not using rubber bullets, they’re not tossing tear gas, they are shooting real bullets and tossing Molotov cocktails. So tell me, who is being brutal to who?

I`m sorry if some people are upset because the cops dress in riot gear and drive armored vehicles.

They’re dealing with rioters and anarchists every night. What, prey tell, would you like them to wear tie die and sandals and drive Volkswagens?

Where is Al Sharpton and the other so-called black leaders when these mobs are looting and burning stores? Why don’t they step in and stop these lawbreakers. Leaders are supposed lead instead of just doing photo opps and TV interviews.

When the justice system finishes its investigations and all facts are in, then is the time for protests if the outcome is not what the community feels is a suitable outcome.

J.T. Woods


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