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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015

Letters to the editor, April 7


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The Democratic Party forever

Very few people know or realize how Obama “bought” his re-election. The answer is simple; he paid billions of dollars into hundreds of welfare programs. These gifts made the recipients beholden to Obama and made them dependent upon him for all of their future benefits.

These gifts to the public turned into votes for Obama. The following is a partial list of various welfare programs and the percentage of votes given to Obama from people in these programs, from a survey by the Public Affairs Institute in Washington, D.C.

Food Stamps: 80 percent

Subsidized Housing: 81 percent

Disability: 75 percent

General Welfare: 80 percent

Medicaid: 74 percent

Free College Students Education: 68 percent

A quote from the Obama administration is “spend and spend, tax and tax, elect and elect.”

In addition to the above tactics, Obama was able to create a division between the black and white voters by scaring the black voters by saying that the whites were out to take advantage of them and put them down; as a result Obama took 90 percent of the black vote.

Obama received over 70 percent of the Hispanic vote by promising them early citizenship, which may not entirely happen. But lies help.

Finally, Obama created envy and hate by the poor against the wealthy, because the wealthy were having the good life, which the poor felt they were entitled to but did not have and further that the wealthy were not paying enough taxes to the federal government, thus depriving the poor of more benefits from the government.

All of the above acts of Obama represent the acts of a very shrewd and scheming politician using the lowest and cruelest of tactics all bordering on the edge of fraud in order to get elected.

The full impact of all of this will guarantee that the Democratic Party will be in power for many years to come.

Wake up America, you are being sold down the river by slick Obama and his successors, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Right on

I whole-heartily agree with Norman Pallot’s recent letter to the editor on these sidewalks that go nowhere. On every busy highway they are putting in sidewalks. Why?

The bike lane is one-and-a-half-foot wide. Wow, there are so many roads that need help, why the monies cannot be spent on them is something that boggles my mind and many other people.

Thank you Norman for expressing your anger as many of us are doing and for some reason nothing can be done about it.

Betty Myhaver

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