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Thursday, Apr 02, 2015

Letters to the editor, April 10


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Parking at Oak Hill Hospital

I have been a resident of Hernando County for more than 25 years and have observed the gradual growth and expansion of Oak Hill Hospital’s buildings, patient services, and medical staff.

Both from my own personal experiences and the favorable evaluations that many residents have mentioned about the care received at Oak Hill, I have come to appreciate the strides the hospital has made over the past years. Oak Hill is now providing radiology, pediatric, emergency room aid services and has become the leading heart unit in Hernando.

The recent $52 million expansion to provide a 100,000-square-foot North Tower constitutes the largest health care renovation in Hernando County.

With this growth in mind, there will be a dramatic increase in the number of employees, physicians, nurses, visitors, patients, and volunteers using and working at Oak Hill. It is already difficult to find a parking space when arriving at the hospital. As the new tower opens, parking spaces will become less available. Parking facilities need to be upgraded.

 Would it be feasible to build and provide a multi-level parking garage on the hospital grounds? Such a garage would alleviate the current ground level parking spaces, help keep walking distances to a minimum, and significantly add to the number of available parking facilities.

Alma Rambo


Citizens’ sham

There has never been a more clear case of the wolf guarding the hen house then Citizens insurance. There cavalier attitude of “it’s my way or the highway” should be in capital letters on the front of every policy they write.

This is a prime example of the State trying to run anything. How many horror stories have you heard from your neighbors about there policy coverages and this is without a major event like a storm ever happening. Can you imagine what we would get if there was a serious problem like a hurricane?

What recourse do we have? What can the average citizen do when you’re dealing with the only show in town? Who stood by and did nothing when the insurance companies decided among themselves to pull home owners policies coverage out of Florida.

Where were our representatives like Mike Fasano and his cohorts when this catastrophe happened? If any of them were worth their salt they would have told these insurance companies if you want to write auto and life insurance in Florida you will have to write home owners or lose that privilege.

You would have seen none packing up and leaving if that kind of money loss was there alternative. There are two many big companies with their hands in our representatives pockets. It’s the only explanation why they would sit buy and let that happen.

What we have now is a dictatorship with no alternatives for the insured, which is unacceptable. Fasano urged in a recent Hernando Today article to stay with Citizens. Well Mike, what alternative do we have?

It’s their way or the highway. We policy holders are sick a tired of being dictated to, tired of being told what parts of our homes are covered and what’s not.

The last time I looked the state got its money from us the citizens, so we should decide how it’s spent and on what. If that’s the case then shouldn’t we decide what is covered under Citizens not the state? Sounds like common sense to me.     

James Woods


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