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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letters to the editor, April 14


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Parking at Oak Hill Hospital

Hospitals are among the most regulated entities in our society. The governing agencies that approved the Oak Hill Hospital expansion project required 1,137 parking spaces to meet code. We not only met the requirement but far exceeded it by 222 spaces for a total number of spaces on our campus today of 1359.

We agree there are times when it may seem difficult to find a close spot but we do have sufficient spaces available, offer complimentary valet service at our medical office building entrance, provide roaming carts to pick up guests that are available during peak times and have increased the number of handicapped spaces.

All of these efforts are made to offer the most convenient parking for patients and their guests. We also built an associate parking lot on the very north side of the campus so our guests would have the closer spaces to the services we offer.

The specific question posed in the letter to the editor was…would it be feasible to provide a multi-level parking garage on the hospital grounds? A multi-level parking garage is more than double the cost of level parking spaces. We made the determination investing in technology and the most advanced facility was a wiser use of the resources available. We had the available space so we expanded our level parking area by the 222 above what the code required.

We always appreciate input from the community and hope this explanation will help answer the letter to the editor regarding parking at Oak Hill Hospital.

Rich Linkul

Marketing Director of Oak Hill Hospital

Bus driver shortage

I hope everybody read the article in the news about the crisis that local school districts are facing trying to hire school bus drivers. Pasco, Hernando and other adjoining counties all seem to have the same problem.

Bus drivers are being asked to drive double runs, sometimes triple runs. There are mechanics, aids anybody with the appropriate license driving buses. Bryan Blavatt said in the paper he knows what the problem is. Well Mr. Blavatt, the better question is, “What are you and the rest of the Superintendents going to do about it?”

I drove bus in the 80’s up north and made $16 an hour and had benefits. Here in 2013 you and the rest of the local districts are giving drivers a little over 10 bucks, no benefits, no paid holidays and you want potential employees to go through 40 hours of unpaid training and you wonder why there is a driver shortage?

The local papers and news broadcasts are featuring stories almost every week of inappropriate things happening on school buses, as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. There is know reason that this area with the amount of unemployment around should have a problem filling jobs, the problem is the job needs to be worth filling.

James Woods


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