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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Letters to the editor, Aug. 6


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Through the 'Rabbit Hole'

Although my name is not Alice, it appears that I have fallen through the rabbit hole and am in Wonderland. Is it real or fantasy that the Hernando County Collector of Taxes has endorsed Blaise Ingoglia for the Florida House of Representatives, a man who has not paid his Hernando County taxes?

Is it real or fantasy that a plethora of elected officials endorsed Ingoglia, almost immediately after he announced his candidacy, thus intimidating and probably scaring others from the same political party, into not running for that office?

Is it real or fantasy that the same people who have gotten Hernando County into this disastrous fiscal hurricane are still attempting to pull the strings and there is no public outcry?

Is it real or fantasy that the political party that is supposed to be pro business appears by their actions to be anti competition, while the other political party, by their actions, is pro competition?

Is it real or fantasy that for many years the same politically connected people, elected and outside the government, cannot attract new business, new technologies, or new opportunities, in any meaningful way, while surrounding counties are able to?

Is it real or fantasy that the party that proclaims it is against raising taxes is proposing a huge tax increase for Hernando County taxpayers?

Is it real or fantasy that Hernando County used all of its reserve funds, collected from tax payers for capital projects, to pay for operating expenses?

Is it possible that Hernando County politics is nothing more than a shell game, tricks with mirrors, or really Wonderland, and what can be done to change Hernando County for the better?

For Hernando County to pick itself up through the rabbit hole and out of Wonderland, the usual party politics must be put aside.

It's time for a change in the way government officials are elected. It's time to vote for the person and not the party. It's time to ask hard questions of the candidates, ask for specific and detailed answers to platform generalities. If a candidate has been elected to any office before, ask for and look at their voting record.

Let's vote our way out of this Wonderland fantasy and back into reality by voting the right people into office.

Arlene Glantz

Spring Hill

Career criminals

Have you stopped to wonder why criminals with a long rap sheet are still out on the streets committing new crimes?

The judicial system ignores these criminals until such a time as they kill someone and then their record comes out. And I wonder why these criminals are not in jail?

One of the reasons for this deficiency is that we do not have tough criminal laws for career criminals.

There should be an enforceable law, that after three felony convictions the criminal should be placed in jail for life.

Jails should be more of a penalty than a cushy hotel and thus be more of a deterrent.

There is a second problem, which is criminals do not serve a full term in jail and are quickly back on the streets.

Because most of our prosecuting attorneys love to avoid the work required to go to trial. They encourage the criminal defendant to plead guilty and the criminal is rewarded with a short term in jail and our judges are happy to this plea deal so they can avoid trial.

Some of our worst criminals, while in jail, know how to play the system by becoming a model prisoner and find Jesus and as a result they have early parole and are back on the streets.

Jail is no longer a deterrent to criminals the way they are run today. They are run with the object to make the criminal content and happy with all of the benefits of a 3 star hotel.

Our criminal laws are not tough enough to deter crime. We should expect more from our legislatures, our judges and our prosecuting attorneys if we ever want to reduce crime.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Just the facts please

I see that we are being enlightened again by Len Tria's narrow views and no knowledge columns again. For starters he is bringing up the Benghazi situation all over again.

Did he not read that the Republicans were passing false information to the media and make it sound like the President and Hillary Clinton were responsible. Does he not see that when Republicans get caught with their hands in the cookie jar they kind of stop pursuing the false scandal they started.

So Mr. Tria, like most of your Republicans, likes to mislead the readers with lies.

Now Mr. Tria wants to attack the IRS and make it sound that this was . Obama attacking his enemies making a scandal when there really is no scandal. You see Mr. Tria, and those who believe like him. When applying for a 501, one is applying for a nonprofit, tax exempt status, there are rules that need to be followed that were established by Congress and IRS. And some adult rules are not to get involved in politics, show how the organization will contribute to the community/social environment.

So explain to me like I am a 2 year old: why, when the Tea Party groups applied for this status, did they think they were exempt from following the rules that are published black and white?

But if you leave it to Mr. Tria, and fake news Fox, this was done because Obama wants to attack his enemies.

I am kind of surprised (well not really) that Mr. Tria, does not inform the readers of this paper that it was Republican Issa, who said that the transcripts will be published for the American people and has not followed what he promised; how does this have to do with this president's administration?

Now Mr. Tria, you say you don't want to get involved with the big hoopla of the NSA listening to our phone calls, Internet emails and social blogs.

Now before you go and blame the president again, this has been going on for years. However, I do not remember you writing to a newspaper condemning how President Bush obtained information without a warrant or his being a dictator and lying to the people of the United States to start two wars and put this country into a recession.

Mr. Tria, I took an oath when I joined the military years ago to defend this country from foreign and domestic enemies and to follow the Constitution.

The Republicans are trying to destroy the Constitution.

Your party talks about less government, but look across this country and see how the Republicans are using government to control people.

You were the biggest voice on this paper that talked about "Obamacare" being unconstitutional, yet when the Supreme Court ruled it was constitutional, you were one of those that said they don't know what they're doing and are destroying this country.

I never knew a man from Spring Hill would have more knowledge than a judge who has years presiding over a bench and studied law.

I do not see you condemning how the Wisconsin Republicans force a law on its people without the people having a voice or a Republican governor destroying Michigan; however, if you listen to fake news Fox it's the President's fault.

I bet if you were to take all that energy that you used to attack our president, who the people voted for twice, and use it to help obtain better bus service for the people of Hernando County and use the knowledge that you say you have to bring in jobs to the county people will have a little more respect for you and what you say.

So again I say, please research your information, listen do not hear, you'll be surprised to see that it's your own party. Yes, the old Republicans who are trying to destroy this great country that was founded on immigration, life, liberty and, most of all, the pursuit of happiness.

Abel Tarrada

Spring Hill

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