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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Letters to the editor, Aug. 9

Published:   |   Updated: August 9, 2013 at 09:16 AM

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Level the playing field

U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hisan stood up and confessed to killing 13 fellow soldiers almost four years ago, and here he is standing up in a military court glorifying his actions as a soldier of Islam.

Isn't he an enemy combatant? Shouldn't he be on his way to the gallows? Why does he deserve a day in court? There was a time in America, before the ACLU and the bleeding hearts of the liberals, when he would have had a date with a rope without any fanfare.

How will America ever be able to wage a war on our enemies if we fail to play on the same playing field as they do?

Do you think if one of our soldiers committed a similar crime against Islamic terrorists they would be afforded the same legal protection? America cannot win the war against terrorism if we continue to allow our enemies to use our courts, civilian or military, as a platform to espouse their hatred for America and the free world.

Will we be condemned in the world court for our actions if we do not afford these terrorists their day in court? Of course we will, but our so-called friends recently have taken every opportunity to demean us, so isn't it time to stand up and fight these terrorists thugs as if we really believed we are at war?

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Food supply scares

Over the years the United States has had the occasional scare when it comes to our food supply.

Having worked in the food supply industry I have firsthand knowledge of how it can happen. What is starting to happen on a regular basis now is not acceptable, and stems from stretching the FDA food inspectors so thin that it's impossible to cover every supplier. The outcome is disastrous, and tainted food is showing up at our markets on a regular basis.

Vegetables are not being handled properly, meats are tainted at the slaughter and packing houses, and in a lot of cases the FDA is relying on these suppliers to inspect themselves.

This practice started years ago and has now escalated so far that the public safety is in question. We can not rely on self inspection; all these recalls of food products are proof in the pudding.

We as a nation need to scream bloody murder to our elected officials or we will have a food supply like a third world nation and will have to deal with the same outbreaks of food poisoning that those countries deal with.

James Woods


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