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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor, July 12


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No reason to complain

I truly enjoyed Michael Bates' story titled "Public pay outpaces private." It really caused an uproar from many of our educators in your comments portion of the online edition.

These little darlings were crying foul over his reporting of their excesses; To them I say: Aww... the poor, poor government teachers. (sniff) They take their work home with 'em and they thinks they deserve more of our money.

Wait a minute, has everybody forgotten that they only work 190 days out of a year? While most people, if they're lucky enough to have a full-time job, are expected to work 245 days (that's 29 percent more work days a year) and for the most part, earn less than half what our government teachers are paid.

What about the teachers working at private schools who also have to take their work home with them? They comply with everything required of government teachers (and more); I don't hear them complaining.

They educate our children while outperforming their government counterparts; averaging higher test scores, graduation rates and attendance. They are paid far less, yet they succeed. They do it because they care!

You say you do it for the children; What kind of world do you want for these kids? Many of these children are homeless because their parent(s) can't afford to live in a home due to all the taxes they're forced to pay, just so government workers can live it up on our dime. This is not conducive to keeping families together either. They often split up, or never even form a union in the first place, because they cannot afford to provide for themselves or their children were they married.

This plague on society's growth has paralleled public sector expansion. Coincidence? I think not.

What kind of future do you want for these children? America has already been transformed into a perverted police state thanks to public sector unions that only want to expand their numbers, control, and dues collections and into every area of our pockets. They could care less about educating children.

We are now a feudalistic society divided into payers and takers. Where no amount of degrees can overcome. There are only so many "takers" that the "payers" can afford to support. You've killed the proverbial Golden Goose.

What did public sector employees do before they were allowed to unionize in 1963? I remember when government had far less control and its citizens ran the show and made the rules. When public sector employees knew their place and showed respect to their bosses; The American people! That's why our Founding Fathers had written the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Ever since unions were allowed into the public sector, education and America both; have gone down the drain. We have less money, less freedom and liberty, and less sympathy for the likes of you.

Yet, you greedy little dregs, you leeches on society, continue crying for more...Ha! You wimps, go and cry to your union. Last I heard, teaching was a calling; the next time you get one of those "callings" go to the bathroom. Maybe you'll bring us all some relief.

If it's so bad find another profession! I'll bet that day will come when Hell freezes over!

Lorne Dewitt


The truth please

I have just read a column on why the "Immigration Reform" is worthy of support. Here is my problem with it. Everything that Marty Moore discussed is the biggest pile of horse manure that has ever been fed to American public.

I demand the opportunity to write a column to tell what the real truth is. Here are facts as I see them:

a) This so-called reform is aimed at our so-called friends south of the border. The problem this is a complete misnomer. Latinos south of border regularly engage in racism against outsiders who want work permits in their countries and idiots like Moore never call them to task for their racism against North Americans. It is an outrage.

b) The Mexican Constitution has Article 27 which specifically prohibits nonMexicans from owning beachfront property within 31 miles of the coast. This one provision has destroyed many a North American who had the stupidity to build retirement property in the Baja.

c) Our so-called friends of New Zealand, Australia and Canada demand that everyone who wants citizenship put $200,000 in one of their banks. How far do you did think this would get in the U.S. Congress? Our so-called friends keep asking one question that nobody wants to ask - what do you do for us?

When are we the public going to be told the whole truth? Your newspaper has an obligation to do this.

Tony Buglione

Spring Hill

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