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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letters to the editor, July 14


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Immigration policy

Regarding immigration, I think Sarah Palin and some of our local conservative voices have missed the boat, so to speak! The very term "amnesty" conveys too strident a tone. Draft evasion, for which our country offered amnesty, was a felony, while being in the country illegally is not.

When a young person is put on probation and meets certain criteria his criminal record is often removed, but we do not call it amnesty. Likewise when criminals are forthcoming and make a plea deal we do not call removing the greater charge amnesty. We have found it expedient at times to apply a statute of limitations on certain laws. When such a great upheaval of families and society is involved can we not find a compromise of some sort?

What we cannot do is continue to allow immigration policy to be made unilaterally and enforced inconsistently by an executive branch that, despite all its rhetoric, is using people for its own political purposes.

A better analogy from our history that speaks to our current dilemma is that of squatters' rights. From what I understand, if people were willing to reside in a place and make the land productive in place of the landowners, that was seen a positive thing for the country.

Further, if the landowner took no reasonable effort to remove the squatters after a certain number of years, they forfeited their right to claim property that someone else's labor had improved. Let's find a consensus on immigration and border security and finally heal this open sore on our society.

Mike Carlson

Weeki Wachee

Poor taste

I was somewhat amazed that you would print the "No reason to complain" letter. In my opinion, it was in extremely poor taste.

Without reverting to that writer's tactics, I can only say that name calling accomplishes nothing. In this particular instance, the irony is that the writer, while criticizing our local public school teachers, shows obvious deficiencies in his/her own educational background. Was the writer educated in the system he/she is tearing down?

I am not a teacher and never have been. I suspect teachers are no different than any other conscientious worker, they want decent pay, regular hours and recognition for what they do. From everything I read it's getting tougher for them to get there.

It doesn't help that taxpayers have a great reluctance to pay higher taxes to ensure a better educational system. We have a classic case in point in Hernando County. We go to great lengths to ensure that we are not overpaying a school system CEO (superintendent) by bartering over a few thousand dollars. It's nice to know that our school board is cost conscious, but what we pay a person in charge of approximately 3,400 employees is a pittance compared to the pay package for a CEO of a private company with that many employees.

The "No reason to complain" writer suggests that teachers should be happy with their pay so the taxpayer will not have to shell out more money. He/she might find it interesting to go about 1,000 miles northeast and report back about the tax rates there.

Joe Green



Why is it that the majority of Americans who do not agree with the ACLU's agenda, especially the ones that ask that we remove crosses from the graves of our fallen heroes and that we end prayers completely for the military, will not stand up and speak out?

Why do Americans, many of whom have served in the military, and those who have lost loved ones, refuse to speak up and condemn those who would demean the religious beliefs of our brave men and women.

Regardless of your beliefs, whatever your religion, whether you are an atheist, agnostic or what else, don't allow the ACLU to dictate the manner in which we honor those who have, in many cases, given the supreme sacrifice.

America today has become a nation that no longer has the will to confront those who would dishonor those who have kept us free and who have protected the likes of the ACLU to subvert our culture. Stand up, America! Let your voices be heard. And if your political leaders do not support you, send them back to whatever ideology they came from.

It's time for America to take back America and let those who would destroy our ideologies know we love our country and you are not going to tell us how we honor our heroes.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

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