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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Letters to the editor, July 3

Published:   |   Updated: July 5, 2013 at 11:57 AM

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Libertarianism not so bad

What an absurd observation. Why are there no communist or socialist countries, I ask. You'd say, "Oh, but there are!" and I'd say "Oh, but there never was." That is because if there were ever such a utopia in existence such a society would implode itself when everyone else's money ran out.

In its purest form (communism or socialism) you wouldn't allow anyone to practice market manipulation or to use government powers to enrich themselves without some portion (usually a large one) being redistributed to the less fortunate. But as it happens all the time, particularly in Hong Kong, which is by the way, part of China since the British handed it over in 1999. China has steadily moved toward a capitalist economy, and yet remains under staunch communist control. So the question begs to be asked, "Why are there no communist countries?"

Such inconsistencies, or imperfections if you like, exist within every economic and government model. This demonstrates that any and all political-economic models are utopian by design, therefore perfection is unattainable. There constantly has to be a desire to pursue a modicum of fairness and opportunity in order for a society to achieve success.

Our Founding Fathers knew this very well as they witnessed and suffered many the abuses that led to the American Revolution. They witnessed the conversion of the indigenous tribes of the Americas, Africa and Australia. Where the King and privileged classes used the Church of England to economically exploit whole races and continents throughout the British Empire.

Our Founding Fathers formed a republic and not a kingdom or theocracy for that very reason. They wrote the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers to allow us the opportunity to achieve social and economic justice and to avoid economic exploitation by a privileged class as much as possible.

Our Founding Fathers professed liberty at every level, be it social, economic, or political. Liberty is the root word for Libertarian, and it is the idea of returning to the basic fundamental principles that our Founding Fathers espoused that Libertarians strive for. Like every other social-economic model it is utopian. But isn't it an idea worth practicing? Our Founding Fathers did.

It's certainly better than what the Democratic or Republican parties are currently offering!

Lorne DeWitt


Speed traps

I am writing this letter to express my feeling of what I observed by the sheriff's traffic control unit on Elgin Boulevard in Spring Hill. I think it's bad enough to receive a speeding ticket by any law enforcement agency, but do you have to do it in ways that it is putting forth a bad image of the sheriff and his office.

I too got my share of speeding tickets in my days, but most of them have been an officer in uniform in the middle of the median, on the side of the road or sometimes hiding behind a brush with his radar gun.

What I saw on Elgin Boulevard recently is differently in my eyes and those of many of the taxpayers in this county and especially the ones who got the tickets is about as low as you can get.

By using a county vehicle and deputies posing as a survey unit in street clothes to ticket us, the taxpayers put a bad image on the sheriff's office and sheriff.

I would expect that from the last two sheriffs we had in office but not for this new sheriff to OK something that was used by the other ones and the complaints from the taxpayers the last time it was used.

I would think that the new sheriff would have investigated that before using it again. I would think that the traffic control unit lieutenant would have thought that one out before using that method again; it puts a bad image for him and his unit too.

I would like to see the traffic control unit take a better approach to handing out speeding tickets, with the unit using their marked and unmarked vehicles, which we all know what they look like, and stop standing on the side of the road looking like a survey unit like they did on Elgin Boulevard last week.

I hope someone in the sheriff's office points this letter to the editor out to the sheriff and he changes the way and methods his office is using to catch speeders in Spring Hill.

Gary Mercer


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