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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the editor, June 13


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The IRS and the 'Little People'

On top of recent allegations that the IRS targeted Tea Party organizations, religious conservative groups and conservative donors, we now are seeing how the IRS enjoyed the taxpayers money partying.

How much was spent on dance lessons, $3,500 a night room rates, questionable "business trips"? The IRS didn't even attempt to negotiate room rates because you, Joe Taxpayer, were footing the bill.

Is no one going to jail over this theft of taxpayers hard-earned money? And what happened to Harry Truman's famous desk sign, "The buck stops here"?

I have served my country in the military, I have worked since I was a kid delivering newspapers, I have worked, and paid my taxes for over 60 years, and the IRS employees have enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

Mr. President, step up to the plate. Tell me you feel my pain. Tell me you are going to fix this problem and that you, our leader, has the ultimate responsibility for what went wrong.

How, in the future, can I tell my children and my grandchildren to trust our government? How can you expect them, and me, to accept the debt that has been brought upon us when frivolous acts, such as those  perpetrated by the IRS, and God knows who else, have put our country's future in jeopardy?

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill


Dustin Kupcik's column in Saturday's Hernando Today titled "Please, use the facts when throwing around accusations" has a few misconceptions of its own.

You quote facts about the education system of 1867. This is 2013 and you still have a school, Morehouse College, listed as a "Black College." Can you imagine if a school like, say, Florida State listed itself as a "White College" what that reference would bring?

Lets take the NAACP, for instance. The initials stand for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. How many Indians or Asian people fill their ranks? These are people of color.

Racism can come from both sides, using descriptions like uneducated, backward, lacking factual support and just plain ignorant can be directed both ways. Oh, the history lesson about black education is just that; "history." This is 2013; education is available to all. Obama's choice of Morehouse College should not have surprised anyone. What is surprising is they didn't have the graduation at the White House at taxpayers' expense.

James Woods


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