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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letters to the editor, June 20

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Repeal Obamacare now

Now that the numbers are starting to roll in, how many liberal progressive socialists can still maintain that Obamacare is such a great idea?

It seems that every day we get new figures stating how insurance premium costs will increase anywhere from 25 percent upward to 90 percent and how those that are the youngest, or shall I say mostly Obama supporters, will bare the brunt of the burgeoning costs. Now isn't everyone glad this bum was re-elected.

This doesn't even mention how it is the IRS is targeting groups for excessive scrutiny in an attempt to intimidate them into not filing for tax exempt status. How can we expect them not to use the same gestapo like tactics when it comes to our medical records and health care?

Now we come to the Queen "B" herself, Kathleen Sebelius. Imagine the nerve of her when asked if she would intervene on the behalf of a 10-year-old girl waiting for a lung transplant to curtly refuse stating "everyone dies eventually."

This really gives off an air of confidence that death panels can not be far behind. Yeah, she has our best interests at heart ... not.

How in the name of all that's holy can we trust these self-serving bureaucrats with our health care? This rotten piece of legislation needs to be repealed. What we had before was far and away more superior than this abomination and even the Democrats are starting to realize this.

They are starting to realize their own constituencies are re-thinking the status of their representatives and looking for viable alternatives. With God's will, 2014 will be another thorough whipping for the liberal progressive socialists.

George Stansbury


Preserve our freedoms

Everybody has that proverbial milk bottle in the frig.

We all share its contents and always expect it to be there when we need it. The problem is we all take for granted that the next person using it will replace it when it gets near empty.

Well the bottle is slowly getting near the bottom, and it seems every day its contents are getting lower and lower but everybody thinks the next user will get another bottle.

The milk that we all enjoy is the milk of freedom.

Slowly like a thief in the night are freedoms are being taken or being infringed upon. A little bit here and a little bit there everyday filtered under different masters so slowly that you may overlook its loss until one day you open that refrigerator door and there is no milk left.

The master has many disguises and titles: IRS , Homeland Security, Obamacare just to name a few. These cloaks shadow the thief , they justify themselves by telling the masses it's for our own good or to secure our lifestyle, but there is a razor thin line that cuts through the Constitution that so many have given there lives to protect and we owe those who gave their all.

Let's make sure there is always milk in that bottle for the next user; if we see that the bottle is getting low, sound the alarm.

James Woods


Read what you write

Many times I have intended to respond to one of J.G. Nash's columns, but have not. He is surely free to write whatever the newspaper accepts. On June 2, I feel that his opinions went beyond any reasonable or fair statements.

Since he so enjoy praising the "Founding Fathers, and berating our president, history should be one of his strong points.

Alas! He seems to have forgotten the country's circumstances in 1867 completely! Very few "black" people had even been allowed to learn to read and write until close to that time. To expect any college - then or now - to need to be proclaimed for "whites only" is absurd!

As a writer, he should be one who values Liberal Arts Colleges for their teaching of history, great books and art, and, yes, writing.

Most early colleges and universities were based on those subjects.

While math and science have become more complicated and necessary in today's world, do we throw away the foundation of our country, and society in general? To call President Obama racist for applauding anyone who works for a better education, puts his ideas in opposition to all recent Presidents.

Please take a deep breath of non-partisan reality, and read your column again.

Margaret McDonough


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