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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the editor, June 27


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Just foolish

How sad to see the President of the United States looking like a fool at the G8 conference in Ireland.

A blind man could see by way of Vladimir Putin's body language the disdain he felt for the alleged "leader"of the free world.

I hope the libtards who put this disgraceful wuss bag in office can finally realize the huge mistake they made. His incompetence is precisely the reason al-Qaida was emboldened enough to attack our diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

It is also because of his incompetence that he will never reveal how he planned a fundraiser while our ambassador was being brutally murdered and this is the reason for Putin's disdain.

We all know what would have been the result had those Muslim animals pulled the same stunt on Russia; they would have been crushed by the "Bear," not purred at like the Obama gutless pussy cat.

George Stansbury


One more nail

The U.S. Supreme Court has just decreed that the state of Arizona cannot require voters to identify themselves or require proof of citizenship in order to vote.

Thus anyone, including non citizens can vote merely on their say so that they are citizens.

Without proof of identity this permits anyone to come in and vote under the name of some other person, whether dead or alive.

This new decree will cause endless chaos and fraud at voting.

The original purpose of this Arizona law to require identity and citizenship was to stop illegal voting by illegal immigrants, which was becoming a problem. All of which was canceled by this Supreme Court decree and opened up voting for all, citizens and non citizens.

This decree as to Arizona now applies to Florida as well as all states.

This decree is a benefit and a boom for the Democratic Party as 100 percent of the illegal immigrants vote for the Democratic Party.

What a sad state of affairs where fraud in voting is permitted by a court decree. One more nail in the coffin of freedom.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Dream on

Let's shut down the National Security Agency. No more snooping on peoples phone calls. Let's stop using drones, they kill innocent people something the other guys don't do. Let's shut down Guantanamo, bring all the terrorists to America and give them a fair trial.

Let's not call those trying to kill us terrorists. They are "freedom fighters." That pretty much sums up what Professor Bill Ayers, the ACLU and the rest of the liberal bleeding hearts want.

By using these tools to protect ourselves, you might get the impression we're at war. Thank goodness these so called freedom fighters that are blowing up everyone in sight are upholding the Geneva Convention.

Now let's wait and see how the families of Ayers, the ACLU and the other folks opposed to us protecting ourselves feel when they are the target of these freedom fighters.

I guess they think these folks, who walk into crowds with bombs attached to themselves, are going to no longer bring harm to Americans and their allies. And if they do, it's America's fault. Right?

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

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