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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letters to the editor, March 24

Published:   |   Updated: March 25, 2013 at 01:55 PM

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Change the byline
As a believer in truth in advertising I am writing to urge that Ted Rall’s byline be changed from “Liberal Point of View” to the “Communist Point of View.” 

It used to be that liberals just believed in big government, more welfare, higher taxes, redistribution of the wealth and strong support for the labor movement. Mr. Rall has gone far beyond these ideals and calls for revolution and the destruction of the United States.

In every column he writes there is harsh criticism of America, the business community, political leaders and others that don’t measure up to his sanctimonious moral and ethical standards. 

It is obvious he sees himself as a high-minded intellectual with political and economic views like those of Marx, Lenin and Mao. Obviously he does not like the principles that have made the U.S. a great, free country with equal opportunity for all.

I would be happy to buy a one-way plane ticket to Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea for Mr. Rall so that I would never read his over-intellectualized tripe again and so that he can find bliss in a real communist utopia. 
Don Etchison

Spring Hill

Shameful use of tragedy
The tragic death of seven Marines during a training exercise was politicized by the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid. 

He immediately jumped on the Obama bandwagon and assigned the blame for this tragedy to the automatic budget cuts. Sen. Reid, how low do you have to go to advance your political agenda? 

Isn’t it tragic enough that seven brave men, U.S. Marines, in their desire to serve America, have to be used as a political pawn to perpetuate your political agenda? 

How can the good people of Colorado support this man? Does Reid have any expertise on the use of 60mm mortars? Does he have a background in military equipment and understand the complexities of war?

The line has to be drawn somewhere when it comes to politics versus the military.  If America wants to protect our brave men and women in the military, we have got to remove these demigods who will use our military as a political tool. And to my friends in Colorado, isn’t it time to put someone in office who will not use our military simply to advance their political careers.
Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

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