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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Letters to the editor, March 29

Published:   |   Updated: March 31, 2013 at 10:50 AM

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Sidewalks to nowhere

Why is the federal government spending billions of dollars throughout the county building narrow sidewalks alongside busy commercial highways where no people ever walk? The reason is that Obama wants to show to the public, driving down these busy highways, that he is creating temporary jobs but for a useless purpose.

There is no need for sidewalks alongside busy commercial highways. There are new narrow sidewalks being built here in Hernando County. These sidewalks are built alongside both the south and north ends of U.S. 19 as well as the east end of State Road 50, our busiest highways, where there is no pedestrian traffic (not referring to widening on State Road 50).

This federal money could be put to a better use in Hernando, building and repairing roads. We have hundreds of miles of gravel-type roads, which should be replaced with asphalt roads.

How many more dumb decisions must we put up with by the Obama administration before our economy collapses? It is time for our citizens to express their opposition and anger to the misrepresentation and lies of the Obama administration. Wake up America.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Bus needed

I use the bus system all the time and I feel we must expand the bus for people in this community. I am disabled and the bus means a lot to me. Public transportation is a hallmark of the community; without it I would not have a life or a way to get around.

The county commissioners need to keep quality of life in mind. I know itís common for some politicians to cut services. The only time they hear the voice of the disabled is when they want back into office. I can tell you people like commissioner Wayne Dukes and the chairman never really hear my voice unless I yell at them.

David Philipsen

Weeki Wachee

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