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Tuesday, Mar 03, 2015

Letters to the editor, May 3


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What cuts? Have you noticed where all the cutbacks are happening with the president’s rollback on spending, or the sequester, if you will.

Every cut is directed at the public to inconvenience them in some manner. Like, no White House tours, air traffic controllers being cut back and slow returns for taxes, etc.

What I would like to know is where are the cutbacks in presidential parties and travel? Seems like every week we got some big bash going on at the White House, star-studded guests from Hollywood invited and big-name music groups playing on the agenda.

What’s all this hoopla costing the taxpayers, or is the belt-tightening just for everybody else? If the president or the Democrats think all this is flying under the radar, they’re mistaken. Misery likes company and it has a long memory.

James Woods


Where’s the justice? Tell me where the justice is here.

Harold Sleight loses his drivers license for two years and Lynn Hutchinson gets a one-year sentence, what a joke.

How many deaths are these two low-life drug pushers responsible for? How many lives are ruined?

I guess it’s professional courtesy, right, Judge Anthony Tatti? Look just last week at how Richard Biser was sentenced to 25 years for violating his probation for burglary to support his drug habit that people like Sleight and Hutchinson supported.

You’re OK with that, Judge Daniel Merritt? The next time you two judges get together over a couple of martinis maybe you can convince each other of the justice here. Hey, Mr. Prosecutor, where is your conscience? What a disgrace.

Dennis Beil

Spring Hill

Enforce watering rules  I am writing to each county department to let you know that I am ashamed of each department for allowing golf courses to water their grounds as much as they do. 

I was on my bike ride one morning after all the rain we had, and one question I have is why the Oak Hills Golf Club was watering the fairways. I could see watering the greens, but the fairways every day and especially after that rain.

Those 5- or 6-inch pipes sucking all that water out of the ground each day I ride by. You wonder why they say Hernando County is the “Sinkhole Capital of The World.” 

Is there a need for the golf courses in Hernando County to water as much as they do? I could see watering the greens, but when it comes to the fairways, they should be restricted just like the residents toonce a week.

Leaders, let’s get real here. Is it that necessary for them to use that much water each week?

Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

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