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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the editor, May 8


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The un-entitled

We took our 21-month-old grandson to the Hernando County WIC office to enroll him in the WIC program because his mother is deployed to the Middle East with the U.S. Navy.

He was denied because I, a 100 percent service connected disabled veteran, receive a VA compensation check that exceeds the programs guidelines for income.

His father has never contributed a dime to support our grandson; has a daughter, whose mother attached his IRS refund for non-payment of child support; and has a third child due in September with a third woman. Guess my daughter can really pick them, but that is not the reason for this letter.

I am a 59-year-old D.A.V. who served this country like five previous generations on my fatherís side of the family and now my daughter serves (her brother is a combat-wounded veteran of the U.S. Army ó two Purple Hearts), and this is the first time that any member of my family asked for assistance from this country.

We have always worked and paid our own way. I have been paying income and Social Security taxes for 44 years, having washed dishes at a restaurant during high school so I could have a car (dad made me pay for it). He thought it would build character in me and I believe it did!

If my wife had 3-4 illegitimate children or if I sat around my house and drank beer or smoked pot every day, my grandson would have been put into the WIC program, which I understand is between $50 and $100 a month for the six to nine months his mother is defending this country with her life on the line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I consider what he is entitled to a mere pittance for what his mother is paying in what she considered her duty by joining the U.S. Navy.

In a recent Tampa-Hernando newspaper there was an article in reference to the alleged Boston Marathon bombers having received food stamps as well as other public assistance programs when they arriver here in the U.S. in 2002, never paying a pennyís worth of taxes.

The Florida Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture make me want to throw up!

Guess I should not have bought that car in high school and grew up to be a deadbeat!

John Pierotti


Wake up

The Democratic Party and President Barack Obama are quietly proposing to make Puerto Rico our 51st state, which will give the Democrats more votes.

The real truth is that Puerto Rico is a very heavy financial burden upon the U.S., for over 63 years costing the U.S. trillions of dollars. The current annual cost to the U.S for supporting Puerto Rico is in the billions. In particular, the cost to the U.S. for food stamps comes to $1.5 billion each year and these costs continue to increase each year.

The Puerto Rican government does not meet the welfare needs of its people because the U.S. is providing for their needs. The only way that Puerto Rico will learn to provide for the needs of its people is by the U.S. stopping to support them financially.

The people and politicians of Puerto Rico would love to continue to live with the full financial support of the U.S. as a 51st state. We do not need the continual financial burden of Puerto Rico as a 51st state as we are drowning in debt and Congress must stop this particular debt.

What does it take to wake up these vote-hungry politicians to the need to set the U.S. free of Puerto Rico and its enormous debt? It will take you to write to your congressmen and to tell them to set us free from support of Puerto Rico and to let them become an independent country. Wake up America.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

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