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Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

Letters to the editor, May 19

Published:   |   Updated: June 6, 2013 at 01:14 PM

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Bike rodeo

It felt like Woodstock revisited. It was the annual Bike Rodeo at the ranch of J.O. Batten and sons off Soult Road sponsored by the DD-214 Committee under nonprofit status to account for all funds accrued and dispersed.

Some $23,000 was raised from this event last year and offered to Marine Corps League Detachment 708 at Sunshine Grove Road. These funds are earmarked for distressed veterans suffering hard times or unexpected catastrophic events.

The love children of that period have now grown into the baby boomers of our time, many Vietnam veterans now the largest body of living veterans. Guys and gals of the motorcycle mindset came from miles around for the big weekend May 10-11. More than 2,000 or so to help in the sponsorship allowed for causes and commitments to veterans with a real blowout Saturday night. At the Bike Rodeo you could not find a friendlier gathering.

Bikers take on causes committed to veterans and are really friendly among their kind. They gather for fallen soldiers by the score, escorting them to their final rest with honor at VA national cemeteries. For the Bike Rodeo, they came the first part of the week to camp out and explore the surroundings of Brooksville, adding to revenues for local businesses.

Like Woodstock, you might expect a gathering deciding to be somewhat risqué to fulfill the genre of their generation back when they initiated the counter-culture shock and awe that may have changed the way we are today. The Bike Rodeo offers the living legacy of their generosity and willingness to gather for good times once again.

Deron Mikal


Be careful what you wish for

Benghazi, IRS and AP. All of these problems are looming for President Obama. Did he know? Was he involved? Do you think he is involved in a cover up in any of these events? 

Do you think there will be enough uncovered to impeach him? Have you any idea what impeaching the President means? It means Joe Biden would become President of the United States! Not being a fan of President Obama, I have to tell you, President Biden would be like putting Mickey Mouse in the White House. 

No disrespect meant to Mickey. So, if you think replacing President Obama with Biden is a good idea, “be careful what you wish for.”

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Blame game I was reading two columns in the newspaper and it is very obvious what party they are affiliated with and continue to write columns bashing the President of the United States.

I would like to know where they get their information when they write these articles and blaming the President when there is 535 others in Washington that we the people voted into office to make our decisions.

I am tried of columns from these two blaming the President about Benghazi and all the other articles they refer to. We all know that the senators and representatives vote for the money to support whatever it is.

If they read an article in “Think Progress,” they will see just that. Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah says he absolutely voted to cut the funding for embassy security. Why don’t you two read that article before you bash our President?

You will find out that the Republicans voted not to give the money they asked for in 2013.

I suggest you two bash your own party affiliation for all the cutting lately and start to impeach some of the people responsible for those cuts, starting with the crybaby House leader Rep. John Boehner. He is one of the main people responsible for all these cuts. Listen, let’s get real about the mess Washington has put us in.

The United States of America need not be the protector of the world. We need just to protect our country and our borders, which they can’t even do that but we can send our military to all these other countries to protect their borders.

Blame all the presidents and ongress who voted for all this mess. Have you ever seen or heard of any country reach our borders other than a few terrorists. I am 71, and I haven’t.

We have had more Americans terrorize this country than outsiders in my 71 years of living in the U.S. With the weapons and knowledge we have in this country, I doubt in my lifetime there will ever be an invasion of our borders other than a few terrorists. Be concerned more about Americans being the terrorist than outsiders; history speaks for itself and that is fact. God bless America.

Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

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