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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Snowden: Saint or sinner?

Uncommon Sense


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The NSA saga continues as the alleged leaker Edward Snowden is still holed up in the Moscow airport. There were unconfirmed reports that he was offered asylum by the government of Venezuela, after he requested the same, but that too is still up in the air.

If this were not so serious it would be like a Mel Brooks comedy. Man flees country after admission of telling state secrets, flees to London, then winds up in Russia holed up in Moscow's airport. Russian President Putin denies asylum but says he may consider it if leaker will tell no more of America's NSA.

Then there are requests to several Latin American countries, none favorable to the U.S., to take in this modern day Benedict Arnold.

Meanwhile at home in the United States there is a wide disagreement among those who believe he is a traitor and the other group that believes, as a whistle blower, he is a patriot warning the citizens of the abuses of the Obama administration. In testimony before a congressional committee, James Clapper, director of national intelligence, gave false and misleading testimony for which he apologized saying it was "clearly erroneous."

Then there are the endless talking heads on the tube and in print with their divergent views as to whether Snowden is in reality saint or sinner. Regardless of how you classify him it is the fact that our government is gathering information on citizen's phone calls and emails, storing them for future mining.

The government has denied all of the accusations of "spying" on its citizens only to be shown that they in fact do "spy" on Americans. The government is building a huge 1 million-square-foot repository in Middle America to contain and retain this information forever.

The most transparent administration, I say sarcastically, is the most secretive and non-transparent administration in modern history. Because he can speak so eloquently, with the help of a teleprompter, President Barack Obama, like a Rasputin, lulls his audience into a mindless mass of molasses. They forget what the president's actions are and only listen to the measured lies and half truths with a good measure of class warfare always present to feed the mindless in their pursuit of "fairness" at the expense of someone else's pocketbook.

Special Operations Command's Admiral William McRaven has ordered all the military files relating to the Navy SEAL attack on Osama bin Laden's lair to be removed from the Defense Department computers and moved to the CIA. A Pentagon's IG report seems to imply the move went around federal rules and maybe the Freedom of Information Act. Once again the most transparent administration in history has mesmerized the American public with its pied piper-like actions to pull the mask of darkness over our collective eyes.

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