Thursday, Apr 24, 2014


To my fifth-grade students, I'm sorry

I’d like to make a public apology. I’d like to apologize to my fifth-grade students. I’m sorry that for the six years you’ve been in school, you’ve had the FCAT looming over your head.
Updated: 2 hours ago

School board should reverse course on bell schedule changes

The current Hernando County School Board needs to be replaced in its entirety.
Updated: 9 hours ago

Maglio: Private schools need freedom

Contrary to conventional wisdom, private school students do not primarily come from high socio-economic backgrounds. The image from the past of elitist private schools has been altered by the progressively dismal results of public education.
Updated: 9 hours ago

Letters to the editor

Cameras justified if done right
Published: 04/20/14

Reiniers: The French Connection - Hope for America?

French President Francois Hollande has taken an astonishing turn to the political right after the voters spoke.
Published: 04/20/14

Taft: Is something big missing from Easter?

Are we missing something here - maybe something really important - when we talk about Easter? It's quite a story, you know, whether or not you think it's true that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
Published: 04/20/14

Myers: Marriage and military tradition lives on

Last Saturday, my wife and I attended a military wedding at Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania for one of our numerous grandnephews, Matthew, and it was a military wedding. There were close to 200 guests and about a dozen Navy and Marine officers. The...
Published: 04/17/14

Letters to the editor

My side of the story
Published: 04/17/14

Maglio: Impatience for material goods is killing the family

The change in the psyche of people has taken years. Most cultures in the world had held God and family as the most sacred values in guiding them. Now most modern people have turned to dedicating their lives to the accumulation of material wealth. Co...
Published: 04/17/14

It's our leaders, not average Americans, who are the problem

Great letter, Mr. Columbo. I refer to your "You may be part of the Problem." In it you state that "It is you, the apathetic majority of Americans" who are to blame for America's ills. You covered your bases nicely, or so it would seem, to avoid any s...
Published: 04/15/14

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