Sunday, Nov 23, 2014


Bolton: The search for intelligent life forms should start here

I have to laugh at the idea that we are continuously on the lookout for intelligent life forms on other planets in our solar system and beyond through the use of telescopes various space probes and listening devices like SETI (Search for Extraterrest...
Published: 11/13/14

Moore: Economic incentives have yet to deliver

Here we go again. Promises, promises. Now the county is talking about two new companies setting up shop at the Brooksville Airport with assurances of 15 new positions each by the end of 2015.
Published: 11/13/14

Taft: November’s history links elections, Veterans Day

In a month known for historic events growing out of the religious faith of the American people, the results of the recent elections are fitting.
Published: 11/09/14

Myers: Why have laws that are not enforced?

Years ago I recall reading a book about Gen. Douglas MacArthur in which he explained the importance of issuing reasonable and enforceable orders and rules for the troops. I don’t recall the exact quote, but he generally said an organization ne...
Published: 11/09/14

Letters to the editor

Enough of the campaign negativity
Published: 11/09/14

Mercer: Why is political sign ordinance not enforced?

Here we go again. Another man ( Mr. Moser ) arrested for petit theft charges for removing political signs off county-owned property. I would like someone to correct me but wasn’t the code enforcement department in the last election or the one ...
Published: 11/06/14

Taft: History defies unified Iraq or independent Kurdistan

Horrible as they may be and as disastrous a result as may ensue, ISIS terrorist attacks are NOT the biggest threat to a unified and democratic Iraq or an independent Kurdistan.
Published: 11/02/14

Letters to the editor

PAC funded with your utility payments
Published: 11/02/14

Reiniers: Disruptive Innovation

Imagine running for political office as a fiscal conservative or a Republican and endorsing creative destruction as a necessary component of capitalism. To begin with, Gallup polls reveal that the majority of Democrats prefer socialism to capitalism....
Published: 11/02/14

Koontz: Vote ‘no’ on Amendment 2

How will the passage of Amendment 2 to the Constitution on medical marijuana affect our youth?
Published: 10/30/14

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