Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014


Reiniers: The gold standard for columnists

The gold standard for columnists writing op-ed pieces is 700 to 750 words. This writer struggles to come in at 1,000 words. My by-line, “More than words,” implies more than just opinion, because I am committed to factual context. Unfort...
Published: 09/08/14

Maglio: Injustice through political pandering and media bias

Everyone wants justice in a society. It creates an atmosphere where citizens have faith that when they follow the law they will not be prosecuted for a crime. They had known that you are innocent until proven guilty under our law.
Published: 09/04/14

Bolton: Hell is for children

This is not about a fantastic rock song Pat Benatar recorded, because if it was we could all sit back and enjoy the music. But there is nothing to enjoy about sitting back and watching the children you love or someone else’s child getting bull...
Published: 09/04/14

Letters to the editor

State Road 50 widening is a mess
Published: 09/03/14

Myers: Pillars of Americanism under attack

Freedom and opportunity are the greatest incentives for encouraging people to come to the United States. No other country in history has opened its gates to people from all over the world who were willing to take advantage of these two primary aspect...
Updated: 1 months ago

Letters to the editor

Create a ‘secretary of sanctions’
Updated: 1 months ago

Taft: Faith and labor unions a needed link?

Labor Day, once accorded Super Bowl-like media coverage and marked with parades and political speeches considered key to forthcoming elections, today is hardly more than a paid holiday providing a three-day weekend for play and relaxation. Why? Few p...
Updated: 1 months ago

The will of the people should be heard on red-light camera issue

Brooksville city officials have lost the good faith and trust of the citizens on the issue of red light cameras. People who follow this issue know Brooksville runs the second-most-predatory right-on-red-turn camera ticket program in Florida. The 5 ...
Updated: 1 months ago

Indian River Lagoon provides cautionary tale on Manatees

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is reviewing the status of the Florida manatee, a species that has been listed as endangered since the federal Endangered Species Act was created. The arguments heard to date to change the species’ cla...
Updated: 1 months ago

Reiniers: History repeats itself with Putin and Islamic extremists

Vladimir Putin is following the same playbook as Adolf Hitler, but with sophisticated refinements.
Updated: 1 months ago

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