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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Brooksville man charged with domestic battery, resisting arrest

Hernando Today staff reports

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BROOKSVILLE - A Brooksville man arrested Saturday for allegedly throwing his wife to the ground and wrestling his son to the floor, tried to twist a deputy's wrists while being handcuffed and break out the back passenger window of his patrol car with his head.

Hernando County Sheriff's Office received a call in the early morning hours Saturday that Michael Allen Grimsley, 56, was drunk and yelling at everybody in his house, according to an arrest report.

Family members told the responding deputy that Grimsley threw his wife to the ground, and when Grimsley's son tried to calm him down in the kitchen, Grimsley then grabbed him and they both fell to the floor, wrestling around, the report shows.

The deputy noted in the report that the son's left arm was bleeding from a scratch.

"(He) warned me that his father was a violent man, that we should be very careful dealing with him," the deputy noted.

The deputy spoke with Grimsley, who the deputy said had watery eyes, slurred speech, and was smelling of alcohol. When the deputy asked Grimsley what happened, Grimsley told the deputy nothing happened, according to the report. When the deputy asked Grimsley again what happened, he said he had an argument with his son, and they were wrestling on the ground.

When the deputy asked Grimsley how his wife fell on the ground, he told the deputy he did not know, the report shows.

The deputy determined Grimsley to be the primary aggressor, and told him he was being arrested for domestic battery. When the deputy grabbed Grimsley's right hand and placed it behind his back to handcuff him, he tried to pull away, according to the report.

The deputy used his other hand to pry himself away, but Grimsley grabbed the deputy's other hand and started twisting and squeezing his other fingers, the report shows.

Grimsley again tried grabbing the deputy's arms with his hands behind his back, and again the deputy took him to the ground to stop him.

"(Grimsley) was then placed in the back of my car," the deputy wrote. "I went back inside the house, but was called outside again by (another deputy) who stated that (Grimsley) was using his head and was trying to break out the rear passenger side window of my car, yelling his handcuffs were too tight."

The deputy adjusted the cuffs for Grimsley, then took him to Hernando County Jail where he was booked on two counts of domestic violence and one count of resisting an officer without violence.

He is being held without bond, and was previously convicted in Pinellas County for aggravated battery.

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