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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Car parked behind Amnesia Bar busted for drugs


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SPRING HILL There has been numerous documented reports of narcotics use and deals in the immediate area near Amnesia Bar at 4245 Mariner Blvd., where a red Ford Taurus was parked behind Sunday with no lights and the engine off and four men inside.

One Hernando County sheriff’s deputy closed in on the driver’s side door, and the other on passenger Michael Rodriguez’s side.

“I did detect an odor of marijuana,” one of the deputies wrote in a police report, and when handing the officer his identification, the officer noticed a plastic baggie hanging out of Rodriguez’s wallet.

The deputy questioned Rodriguez about it, at which time he removed the baggie with the white powder substance that later field-tested positive for cocaine. A small amount of marijuana was also found.

At that time the deputies asked everyone to get out of the car, which they did, so they could search the vehicle. However, police found nothing illegal, so they turned the search onto each person including back seat passenger Daniel Santiago.

“Prior to conducting the search, I did observe a small piece of what appeared to be a plastic baggie coming out of the front of his waistband area,” the deputy wrote. “Upon asking what the baggie was, Daniel removed the baggie which contained a large amount of a white powdery substance that field tested positive for cocaine.”

Rodriguez and Santiago were arrested and taken to the Hernando County Jail. Rodriguez was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine, and is being held at a total bond amount of $10,500. Santiago was charged with possession of cocaine and his bond amount is $10,000.

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