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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Challenger K-8 students explore life in American colonies


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SPRING HILL - Challenger K-8 kindergartners in Margie Yurtinus' class concluded a lesson on colonial America Thursday morning with food, dress, and games unique to the era.

The students have spent previous weeks learning about the nation's founding fathers, especially George Washington, and comparing life 250 years ago to modern times.

Students wrote with quills instead of pens, used candles for lighting instead of light bulbs and making butter and cheese in a churn rather than purchasing foods at the store, Yurtinus said.

The students also wrote individual books using colonial spellings and vocabulary, complete with cover art and author biographies, according to Yurtinus.

Students sang colonial songs like "George Washington," "Yankee Doodle," and "This Land is Your Land," Yurtinus said.

The students learned about soap and candle making, and math was embedded in the crafts and games, using dominoes to do addition and subtraction, as well as checkers and cards.

Outside, students played nine pins and hopscotch, both colonial pastimes.

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