Thursday, Nov 27, 2014

Christmas House auction canceled


BROOKSVILLE - A auction of the historic Rogers' Christmas House scheduled for noon Friday did not proceed as planned because no bidders showed up.

Greg and Tom Farner, of Bay Area Auction Services in Pinellas Park, said they received some inquiries from prospective buyers.

"It's hard to get a crowd for a place like this ... it's a unique property for a unique person," Greg Farner said.

The property at 103 Saxon Ave. was Rogers' Christmas House from the early 1970s through 2010.

The bidding was set to start at $200,000 for the 1.1 acres that includes five buildings.

Instead of prospective buyers, family members showed up. Others poked around the former shop - now nearly empty except for a glass display case and mirrors - that enticed customers from Brooksville and beyond for Christmas decor and collectibles.

"It used to be so beautiful," one woman said, walking around the property. Now the cracked glass windows and damaged porches are enclosed with rusted barbed wire. A flowering tree bloomed along the sidewalk, which was embossed with family names, and palm and feet prints, preserved in the concrete.

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