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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Convicted batterer gets life in prison

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BROOKSVILLE - Back in April, six jurors found Derius Glover guilty of burglary of a dwelling and battery.

During sentencing on Thursday, Judge Daniel Merritt Jr. sentenced Glover to life in prison.

"This is what happens to gang-affiliated people who commit violent crimes in Hernando County," said Assistant State Attorney Rob Lewis.

Lewis said Glover did not speak at the sentencing except when asked questions by Merritt, but that during the pre trial investigation, he maintained it was his brother, William Glover, who hit a man over the head with a baseball bat at a Spring Hill house party in May 2012.

William Glover, who agreed to a plea deal in May for an unrelated 2011 battery charge and released due to time served, has said he was guilty of the battery, and not his brother, during proceedings and again during Thursday's sentencing. Lewis said the state had previously offered William Glover a plea deal for 20 years in prison, and that would have dropped the charges against Derius Glover.

"(William Glover) said that wasn't an offer ... I said it was just an offer he did not like," Lewis said.

Lewis established that Derius Glover was a prison release re-offender through testimony of a fingerprint examiner, and prints taken at the Department of Corrections and at the Hernando County courthouse.

Glover, 22, is father to twins. Lewis said Glover's family was emotional during the sentencing hearing, and that the State only had questions for Glover's brother.

"He did the crime," Lewis said, referring to Derius Glover. "His mom didn't. His sister didn't. They're nice people, and in a tough position."

During the trial, jurors heard sometimes-conflicting testimony about a fight that started over William Glover's sagging pants at a Spring Hill Cinco de Mayo party. The jury decided it was Derius, and not his brother, who returned to the home with a baseball bat, yelling "who jumped my brother."

Derius Glover was sentenced to three years in prison in 2008 on charges of attempted sudden snatching without a weapon, and robbery with a weapon. He was released in August 2011.

Lewis said because Glover was a re-offender, state law required him to receive the maximum permissible sentence for the charge: life.

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