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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

County school district to mail bus route postcards


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BROOKSVILLE - Hernando County School District will soon be mailing postcards showing bus routes for the upcoming 2013-14 school year.

Jeanne Leftwich, manager of warehouse and printing, said the department is hoping to have the bus routes mailed out in a little more than a week.

"We haven't received the information from transportation yet, but we're hoping to get that on Monday," she said. "Hopefully, those cards will be mailed sometime during the week of Aug. 12."

Transportation Director Doug Compton said this year's bus routes are going to look similar to last year's, with the exception of a handful of routes, and a few bus stop changes.

"Depending on the school and where they're coming from, and average bus occupancy," Compton said. "A few bus route changes here and there, but nothing major."

Bus stop changes include Barclay Avenue and Lawrence Street, which caused congestion and safety issues last year.

The stop will be moved to two new locations for elementary and high school students.

Students at Spring Hill Elementary will catch the bus at Bruni Drive and Penna Street, Compton said. Nature Coast Technical students will go to Barclay Avenue and Irving Street.

The change follows the school board's decision to eliminate bus routes within a 2-mile radius of the schools, which cut costs but created an atmosphere in nearby residential areas that drew parallels to tailgating.

Average bus occupancy, or ABO, is the number of students transported divided by number of buses on the road.

It is part of a state formula used to determine transportation funding for school districts, Compton said, where the most efficient districts receive most funds.

"It's just a fine line to walk with transportation, because the loads fluctuate throughout the year," Compton said.

"You start off beautiful, and before you know it, everyone's moving into that area, so it's a constant battle," he said.


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