Friday, Jul 25, 2014

Drunken swim in spring leads to battery charge


Barbara Lynn Vanpatten, 36, was with another woman and her two children in a rental canoe on the river when a river tour guide saw Vanpatten out of the canoe and swimming. The tour guide contacted park manager David Hramika, and when Hramika arrived, Vanpatten climbed back into the canoe, an arrest report shows.

Vanpatten then began to rock the canoe with the other woman and her two children inside it, until it eventually flipped over. Hramika assisted the children, putting them back into the canoe with their mother.

According to the report, it was apparent to Hramika at this point that Vanpatten was intoxicated, so he put her in his boat, and went back to the park.

On the way there, Vanpatten began calling Hramika names, and slapped him in his chest several times, according to the report. Vanpatten was also rocking the boat again, trying to flip it over. She also grabbed Hramika's cell phone and hurled it into the water.

Once to the park, as Hramika was attempting to put Vanpatten into custody, she resisted by pulling away from him. Hramika "escorted" Vanpatten to his patrol vehicle with her feet dragging.

Although Vanpatten told Hramika that her name was "Jennifer Lynn," Hramika was able to verify her actual identity through two intelligence records systems.

Vanpatten was charged with battery, resisting an officer without violence, and resisting identification during arrest. She was taken to the Hernando County Jail without further incident, and held on $1,500 bond.

The arrest report states Vanpatten's alias as, "Jennifer Lynn."


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