Sunday, Nov 23, 2014

Hernando sheriff's office suspends domestic shooting investigation


BROOKSVILLE - The sheriff's office has wrapped up a December death investigation involving former city employee Jeanne Moore.

Moore, 49, had been questioned in the shooting death of her husband, Shawn Moore, in their Weatherly Road home on Dec. 26.

Jeanne Moore died on Jan. 26 after an apparent heart attack, according to her attorney, Peyton Hyslop.

The sheriff's office has said the couple were involved in a domestic dispute at the home.

"Due to Jeanne Moore passing away from medical issues on 01/25/14, there is nothing further to be gained by proceeding with the investigation," said Sgt. Philip Laking in an email. "Due to the fact that the victim and possible suspect are both deceased, we are unable to complete the investigation and unequivocally prove whether or not Jeanne's shooting of Shawn was justifiable."

Lakin said Jeanne Moore's son witnessed the shooting, and his story was consistent with Moore's.

An investigation report is not yet available, according to the sheriff's office.


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