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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Letters to the editor

Published:   |   Updated: February 16, 2014 at 11:49 AM

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Eric Holder and fair treatment of same sex couples

The Attorney General recently decided to have the Justice Department expedite recognition of same sex couples. Here are some thoughts to ponder.

I'm pretty sure that Eric Holder and President Obama are doing what they consider to be only fair. Yet, why is it fair to give some people special benefits and protections and not others? Why should two friends living together or say a brother and sister living together to economize be shut out of these privileges? Enduring love and commitment are not limited to romantic relationships.

For those on the fence concerning same-sex "marriage" you need to know that the movement is not about fairness. I wish the best for everyone to relate to others however they desire. We can have a separate debate about to what degree government should be tilted in favor of marriage.

Too often, though, I see a gay movement less about acceptance and more about mocking and rejecting a Biblical underpinning of our society. Those who think it is insufficient to appeal to the Bible for traditional marriage are ironically undermining the very foundation for human rights, equality, and dignity in our culture.

Mike Carlson

Weeki Wachee

Just how much is a trillion dollars?

Recently, I discovered a uniquely clarifying explanation of a trillion dollars. It was at a think tank conference of the Koinonia Institute, conducted in 2012. Mr.Chuck Missler was the conference speaker. He presented a couple of very enlightening illustrations which helped to quantify $1 trillion dollars, one of which I paraphrase as follows:

"Imagine you started a business in the year that Jesus was born. Also, from its start up, your business actually lost a million dollars each day, 365 days a year, every year! The cumulative losses of your business will reach $1 trillion in the year 2737, another seven centuries from now."

Our nation's debt is at $17 trillion and increases about a $1 trillion each year! Every home in America or in any nation on earth MUST balance it's budget at some point to repair any debt crisis occurring in the home. It is clearly obvious that the rational solution to solving the debt crisis in our national house, is to begin balancing our national budget. Numerous states' budgets are balanced each year and their state house budgets either reflect or are on track to reflect prosperous bank accounts. This principle is an absolute truth we can bank-on!

Jerry Milby


No guns for the mentally disturbed

Killings by mentally disturbed people or those with serious anger problems are out of control. There is no way to stop these killings because we do not know who these people are.

The answer to the problem is to identify all people who have these problems and to withhold all sales of guns to them.

A special master agency must be established to handle the main searches for people with mental and anger problems. A criminal and personal check can be done locally in each state.

All hospitals, clinics, doctors, police and health agencies will be required to report to the master agency all persons mentally disturbed and those who have serious anger problems.

The gun buyer shall be required to pay all of the costs of the master agency search in addition to any other changes. If a report comes back with a statement that the party is or has been mentally disturbed or has serious anger problems, then the local police should immediately search his home for guns or explosives.

No guns should be delivered until the seller has received a written positive report.

A tighter control must be put on all traveling gun shows, particularly as to reporting all gun sales and holding the guns until a positive report is received.

This is just a rough estimate of what I hope will turn this problem around. If you agree with this, let your legislator know that you want this problem solved.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee, FL

Steamrolled by Swiftmud

I am a resident of Ridge Manor West and attended the Zoning and Planning Commission meeting on Jan. 10. I, of course, was in attendance concerning the proposed water treatment plant for Ridge Manor West along with many of my neighbors and concerned citizens. The information presented by the Hernando County Utilities and the representative from the Southwest Florida Water Management District was impressive and comprehensive.

Unfortunately, the information given was different from the community meeting on Jan. 15. Why would volume of water numbers change and why would the county utilities say there was "no scientific correlation between pumping water from wells and sinkholes" yet the Swiftmud representative showed us how a well and pumping can do exactly that.

Regardless of the information presented, the constituents from this area have a petition against the project. They have attended all of the meetings concerning this project and they have voiced their opposition. What happened to our democratic process and representative government?

I had to watch four gentlemen, who are appointed, ignore our community voice and vote yes to a project that is really not needed. Is this what our county and country has become? Are we to just do as we are told and keep our mouths shut?

What is the real purpose behind the proposed project? Who is really in line to gain?

If this project is passed by the Board of County Commissioners, then our community intends to campaign against each and everyone of them, not just our district representative, and vote all of them out of office. We will also take legal action to try and prevent this project from happening.

It is a shame that the local government would try to bully and push over a group of elderly, retired, hard working citizens in this way. I hope you will post my comments and that the commissioners read this before they give the final vote to approve this project.

Joe Wells


Attorney General is out of order

I am curious, since I've read the constitution, I can't seem to find in what part it gives the Attorney General license to negate a duly passed and signed law and by this I mean The Defense Of Marriage Act signed into law by President Clinton. Holder's order stating that "spousal privilege" be granted across the board to "gay" couples even when they are in states that do not recognize "gay" marriage or in federal courts.

The DOMA states that marriage is between a man and a woman and I have not heard of a repeal of the law nor have I heard of the Supreme Court striking it down. I may not be a lawyer but I know enough to know that "Over His Head" Holder does not have any authority what so ever to grant "spousal privilege" to same sex couples regardless of how noble he thinks his motives are.

This issue will inevitably be decided in the courts or at the polls as it should be, not by either executive or DoJ fiat. We the people are fed up with this administration's attempts at empirical rule and come Novembers 2014 and 2016 we will be heard and once again set our nation on it's path to greatness from which it was detoured by the socialist-progressives in a vain effort to turn it into a euro-socialist country.

George Stansbury


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