Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014

Raccoon tests positive for rabies in Brooksville


BROOKSVILLE - The Hernando County Health Department on Thursday received lab confirmation that one of three raccoons killed by two dogs tested positive for rabies.

The owner of the dogs, who lives on South Brooksville Avenue, provided proof that the dogs are current with their rabies vaccination.

Since it is not clear if one or both dogs were exposed to the rabid raccoon, both are required to be quarantined for 45 days.

Residents in the area are encouraged to report any stray animals or to report wild animals exhibiting aggressive or unusual behavior to Hernando County Animal Services at (352) 796-5062.

This is the first rabid animal reported in Hernando County this year. In November 2012, one rabid raccoon was reported.

Foxes, raccoons, bats, and skunks commonly carry the rabies virus. Animals with rabies may show strange behavior. They may be aggressive, attack for no apparent reason, or act very tame. They may drool a lot due to difficulty swallowing. They also may stagger or become paralyzed.


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