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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Sliding car leads to marijuana charges

Hernando Today staff reports
Published:   |   Updated: September 9, 2013 at 04:19 PM

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BROOKSVILLE - The Hernando County sheriff's deputy watched the Dodge Neon accelerate suddenly Sunday at Cortez Boulevard and Cammie Street then slide sideways.

A traffic stop ensued, according to an arrest report.

"Upon my approach, I asked the driver to roll down the back passenger window, due to there being passengers in the back seat," the deputy wrote. "Once the driver rolled down the back window, I made contact with (George Henry McLaughlin), who had marijuana all over his lap."

The deputy asked McLaughlin, 20, of Whiteway Drive in Brooksville, and the others in the vehicle where the marijuana was, according to the report.

"No one replied," the deputy noted. He asked this several times.

The deputy then asked the passenger with marijuana crumbs on him to step out of the car.

"As (McLaughlin) stepped out, he spun around to face me and opened up his right hand, which was balled up, and said, 'I have a little bit of Hydro and I'm sorry I didn't tell you,'" the deputy wrote. "(McLaughlin) then threw the marijuana on the ground and went to turn to face away from me."

The deputy searched McLaughlin, finding an orange pack of king size Zig-Zags. McLaughlin told the deputy they were for rolling up marijuana, according to the report, and was then arrested on charges of possession of drug equipment and marijuana.

McLaughlin was taken to the Hernando County Jail on $300 bond, jail records show.

"The defendant advised several times that the marijuana was Mids and Hydro mixed together," the deputy noted.

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