Saturday, Nov 22, 2014

Two scam more than $116,000 from residents


BROOKSVILLE - Anaiz and Michael Goodrich, believed to have scammed three Hernando County residents out of more than $116,000, were arrested earlier this month in Orange and Polk counties.

According to a sheriff's office press release, the Goodriches had avoided paying a security deposit and rent on a residential property since June 2012, telling the property owner they were waiting on a "large settlement" from their former residence in Miami.

The victim later found out the Goodriches were evicted from the Miami residence.

The victim also gave the Goodriches "several thousand dollars" to open The Cuban Grill at 14313 Spring Hill Drive in Spring Hill, with the understanding the money would be repaid.

The victim lost more than $50,000. The restaurant is under new ownership and has been renamed The Cuban American Grill.

The second victim rented the commercial restaurant space to the Goodriches, as well as a Mobil gas station and another business in Pasco County.

After not paying rent, the Goodriches were evicted from the restaurant. Before leaving, they stole and broke equipment and "maliciously stuffed fish into the sink drains and left shrimp inside the office of the business."

The victim reported they stole $14,000 in lottery scratch-offs and believed the Goodriches cost him more than $56,000.

The Goodriches' third victim was an employee at The Cuban Grill, who agreed to partner with them to open a second restaurant and handed over more than $10,000 in cash.

Anaiz Goodrich, 31, was arrested on the Hernando County warrant charges of organized scheme to defraud and criminal mischief on July 1 in Orange County. Michael Goodrich, 40, was arrested on charges on driving with a suspended license on Wednesday in Polk County, and held on charges of organized scheme to defraud and criminal mischief.


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